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Communities of practice, the missing piece of your organisation


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From ASAS 2017 conference

Published in: Business
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Communities of practice, the missing piece of your organisation

  1. 1. Communities of practice, the missing piece of your agile organisation ASAS 2017 Emily Webber @ewebber
  2. 2. @ewebber Have you left an organisation because you felt unsupported?
  3. 3. @ewebber Sink or swim is not a good 
 management technique
  4. 4. “Absence of 
 support is taken 
 as a sign of 
 mass rejection” Matthew D. Lieberman Social: Why our brains are wired to connect @ewebber
  5. 5. PhotobyMartinDeutsch We are wired to connect with other people @ewebber
  6. 6. Hello. I’m Emily (and I have a habit) @ewebber
  7. 7. @ewebber
  8. 8. @ewebber What is a community of practice?
  9. 9. “…groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” Wenger-Trayner @ewebber Community of Practice
  10. 10. @ewebber
  11. 11. @ewebber
  12. 12. @ewebber PROGRAMMEPROGRAMME
  13. 13. Photobyjoinash @ewebber
  14. 14. @ewebber <homogenous group name> 
 are rubbish at ….
  15. 15. Insular teams can become echo chambers and display group think @ewebber
  16. 16. @ewebber PROGRAMME COMMUNITY OFPRACTICE How you do it Whatyoudo PROGRAMME
  17. 17. @ewebber Who is in a community of practice?
  18. 18. @ewebber
  19. 19. PhotobyTedVanPelt Members support each other, which helps build confidence @ewebber
  20. 20. PhotobyEmoryMaiden Members have opportunities and 
 the space to learn @ewebber
  21. 21. Social learning Experiential learning Feedback loops @ewebber
  22. 22. PhotobyJonathan @ewebber “From observing others one forms an idea of how new behaviours are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action” Albert Bandura
 Social Learning Theory
  23. 23. @ewebber Kolb’s learning styles
  24. 24. @ewebber “Feedback is one 
 of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement” Helen Timperley and John Hattie @ewebber
  25. 25. @ewebber “Learning sessions … allow us to experiment and try new tools and approaches without the same concerns we have when building code for a production environment” Member of a GDS community of practice
  26. 26. With a support network people can really fly @ewebber
  27. 27. PhotobyStewartButterfield Members share knowledge which
 reduces duplication @ewebber
  28. 28. @ewebber The Knowledge Iceberg
  29. 29. The Knowledge Iceberg @ewebber
  30. 30. @ewebber Who left their last job within 5 years?
  31. 31. PhotobyJonathan @ewebber On average, people move jobs every 4.4 years Forbes 2012
  32. 32. @ewebber When people leave they take parts of your organisational brain
  33. 33. PhotobyKrisWilliams Members collaborate on common issues and challenges to create better practices @ewebber
  34. 34. PhotobyJonathan @ewebber “Human communities can develop a sort of collective intelligence that is greater than the members’ individual intelligence” Alex Pentland 
 Social Physics
  35. 35. from silos to sharing knowledge to solving shared problems to using the collective knowledge of the community to create better practices @ewebber
  36. 36. @ewebber IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  37. 37. @ewebber IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  38. 38. @ewebber The magic IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  39. 39. @ewebber • Training others • Awareness weeks • Inductions • hiring • patterns and standards • process changes
  40. 40. @ewebber A group of people with a common role who connect regularly to support each other, build capability, share information, build knowledge and collaborate to create better practices
  41. 41. @ewebber What it takes to 
 make it work
  42. 42. @ewebber McMillan,D.W.,&Chavis,D.M.(1986) Sense of community Membership Emotional connection Fulfilment of needs Influence
  43. 43. @ewebber Adapted from Cultivating Communities of Practice - Wenger, McDermott and Snyder ENERGYANDVISIBILITY POTENTIAL FORMING MATURING SELF-SUSTAINING input needed Community maturity stages
  44. 44. The opportunity for a community to form @ewebber POTENTIAL
  45. 45. The community starts to come together @ewebber FORMING
  46. 46. The depth of connections and knowledge grows @ewebber MATURING
  47. 47. The members take ownership of the community @ewebber SELF-SUSTAINING
  48. 48. Photobyfr4dd It takes time and effort to get the best out of anything @ewebber
  49. 49. PhotobyDennisFreeland Have the right leaders in place and make sure they have time to lead @ewebber
  50. 50. PhotobyJonathan Agree your core values as a community @ewebber
  51. 51. @ewebber
  52. 52. PhotobyRufino Make sure that the community is empowered to make changes @ewebber
  53. 53. @ewebber Create a shared backlog of work based on the things that the community want to improve
  54. 54. PhotobyRufino Meet often and regularly and vary what you do @ewebber
  55. 55. @ewebber “each community member felt more positive when we’d had regular meetings” Member of a Co-op digital community of practice
  56. 56. @ewebber Building Successful Communities of Practice Discover How Connecting People Makes Better Organisations
  57. 57. @ewebber
  58. 58. @ewebber “Sharing how you feel in a safe environment is invaluable. Especially when you’re with the people who are best-placed to support you with the tricky parts of your job” Member of a Co-op digital community of practice
  59. 59. @ewebber “everything is in change, the community means knowing others have these challenges and that there are people to discuss them with” Member of a Defra community of practice
  60. 60. @ewebber “I have been encouraged to try new things by hearing about the experiences of others” Member of a Defra community of practice
  61. 61. @ewebber “It’s affirmed that in many cases I’m on the right track, which is great” Member of a Defra community of practice
  62. 62. @ewebber “The community has broken down ‘barriers’ between the numerous delivery bodies across Defra” Member of a Defra community of practice
  63. 63. @ewebber Thank you