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PGE India- DONIT Tesnit GRAFILIT Graphite Sheets


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At PGE India our Sealing Division is proud to be associated with DONIT Tesnit D.o.o., Slovenia. and their range of Graphite Gaskets. We offer certified solutions to reassure you on quality.

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PGE India- DONIT Tesnit GRAFILIT Graphite Sheets

  1. 1. GRAPHILIT High Pressure Solutions
  2. 2. Contents: • Grafilit Expanded Graphite • Crystaline Structure of Carbon • Raw Material – Expanded Flakes • Manufacturing Process • Flexible Graphite Sheets • Properties of Expanded Graphite • Grafilit EM • Benefits compared to tanged Graphite • Application references • Case Studies • Summary GRAFILIT Email:
  3. 3. GRAFILIT - Expanded graphite Expanded graphite - high performance products Email:
  4. 4. CARBON GRAPHITEGRAPHITEDIAMONDDIAMOND transparent three dimensional crystal system the hardest substance in nature excellent electrical insulation abrasive black silver colour hexagonal crystal system - plane structure good conductor of electricity soft - good sealing performance good lubricant (low friction) Email:
  5. 5. RAW MATERIAL CRYSTALLISED GRAPHITE FLAKES •Layer of plane hexagonally arranged carbon atoms: PLANE OR LAMELLAR STRUCTURE • sliding of planes against each other: • softness, • lubrication properties, • mechanical properties Email:
  6. 6. Natural graphite flake  special chemical and thermal process Popcorn principle  expansion 400 times its original size Volume of 1 Litre = only 2 to 3g EXPANDED FLAKES (WORMS) Email:
  7. 7. Flexible graphite - Manufacturing process Treatment withTreatment with oxidising mediumoxidising medium HH22SOSO4,4,, HNO, HNO33 & 100°C& 100°C Water rinseWater rinse and dryingand drying 1000°C1000°C GraphiteGraphite flakeflake ExpansionExpansion CompressionCompression Flexible bindingFlexible binding Max. thickness from 0.2 to 1.0 mm can be produced. Email:
  8. 8. GRAFILIT SF pure graphite foil without insertion GRAFILIT SL graphite foil bonded (adhesive) to smooth stainless steel insertion (AISI 316; 0,05 mm) GRAFILIT SP graphite mechanically bonded to a tanged stainless-steel insertion (AISI 316; 0,1mm) GRAFILIT EM graphite reinforced with expanded stainless-steel insertion (AISI 316L) FLEXIBLE GRAPHITE SHEETS Email:
  9. 9. • no health hazard • no ageing because of absence of binder • incombustible • wide range of operating temperatures (from - 200 up to+ 550°C) • high compressibility • excellent adaptability to flange surfaces • creep resistance at high temperature • good sealing properties • good general chemical resistance • correspond to DIN 28091-4 PROPERTIES OF EXPANDED GRAPHITE Email:
  10. 10. • steam • organic and non-organic acids • petrol and petroleum products • alcohol, ketons and solvents • mineral oils • heat transfer oils • refrigerating products (freons) Exceptions are strong oxidising media such as sulphur trioxide, concentrated nitric, chloric and sulphuric acid... EXCELLENT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE against: Email:
  11. 11. GRAFILIT SP - with tanged stainless-steel insertion AISI 316; 0.1mm • higher surface stresses Email:
  12. 12. GRAFILIT EM Grafilit EM consists of high-quality expanded graphite and an expanded metal insert made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L – 0,35mm or 1.4404, mesh aperture 3 mm (Passo 3). The purity of the graphite is at least 98%! Thermal and mechanical loading capacity from - 240°C to + 550°C (in inert atmosphere up to 3000°C) with simultaneous high pressures. Chemical resistance against all organic and inorganic acids (except for oxidizing acids), alkalines and solvents. Excellent resistance to steam and thermal oils ! Properties and application Available options Sheet sizes: 1000x1000mm 2000x1000mm 1500x1500mm Thickness: 1,0 – 1,5 – 2,0 – 3,0mm Email:
  13. 13. DONIT GRAFILIT EM Email:
  14. 14. Benefits compared to Tanged Graphite  Higher tightness up to 50%  see Fuji Film !  Homogeneous load distribution especially with narrow gaskets !  Better use of surface pressure, as no crowns has to be bent !  Due to open structure, better adaptability in between flange faces !  Higher compressibility (45%-50%)  better recovery/elasticity !  High Blow out resistance !  Lower leakage rate when unloading !  Higher flexible sheet  less vulnerable to cracks/breaking !  Easy to cut, even with sharp scissors !  Provides high performant seal even when segmented  Case Study !  Easy handling  limited risk for injuries ! Conslusion:   Grafilit EM is considered to be A very Forgivable Gasket Material ! DONIT GRAFILIT EM Email:
  16. 16.  Chemical Industry  Refineries  Oil & Gas  Shipbuilding  Power Gen  Pulp & Paper  Steel Industry  OEM Turbines Compressors Heath Exchangers Coolers Steam Vessels Thermal Oil Pumps Thermal Oil Construction Valves Oxygen gas ..... You name it ! Some important references:Some important references: Email:
  18. 18. STORAGE... • Expanded graphite is not influenced by ageing process caused by temperature, ozone, UV rays … • To ensure optimal conditions, store the graphite sheets and/ or gaskets in following conditions: • Temperature of storage: -20°C to +50°C • Clean and dry environment – no humidity ! • Place gaskets horizontally – avoid hanging on hooks or folding which could cause cracking • Protect sheets and gaskets against damaging •Specified conditions can ensure you a shelf life even longer than 15 years ! Email:
  19. 19. • Coal Fired Power Station in UK from 60’s • Gasket on steam injectors for driving turbines • Conditions: T=565°C P= 200bar (simultaneously !!) OD 140 x ID100 x 1,5mm (dove-tail joint !!) • Since ban of CAF nothing but problems • Previous supplier could not offer solution • Since Oct 2001 Graphite with expanded stainless steel has been used without replacement ! Case Study : Graphite with expanded stainless steel CASE STUDY
  20. 20. Head gaskets : Air Compressors – PET Bottle production Problem : with CNAF, tanged graphite,.. leakages ! Solution : Expanded graphite with expanded st.steel Pressure : 0 - 40 bars T° : up to 220°C vibrations ! CASE STUDY Email:
  21. 21.  Zero leakage  Meets global fugitive emission regulations  One fits all - standardize your gasket diversity  Maximize plant safety Reduce your costs DONIT Certification for quality assurance efitSs Email: DONIT GRAFILSUMMARYIT EMSUMMARY
  22. 22. DONIT A PERFECT FIT P: +918080890022 W: E: