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Zoltan zsalas venture day minsk deck


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Global Expansion

Published in: Marketing
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Zoltan zsalas venture day minsk deck

  1. 1. #StartaAccelerator Global Expansion: Marketing & Product
  2. 2. #StartaAccelerator Founder Venture Partner
  3. 3. #StartaAccelerator Why Expand? Expansion is hard, costly, and requires a lot of effort and focus. Reasons Why Start-Ups Expand: • Supply Grab • First To Market Advantage • Home Field Maturity • Optics
  4. 4. #StartaAccelerator Deciding Where To Go Identify opportunistic regions based on Market Size Demand Competitive Landscape Opportunity Cost
  5. 5. #StartaAccelerator Acquisition: Sales Channels • Franchise Model • Channel Partners • Expansion Team Endomondo expanded to 20MM users in Europe through influencer and strategic partnerships. Culture values and norms play a huge role when deciding on acquisition strategy. • Strategic Partnerships • Direct Resellers • Ambassadors
  6. 6. #StartaAccelerator Acquisition: Marketing Channels Social Media Communication Channels Events: Cultural & Industry
  7. 7. #StartaAccelerator Competition Home team always has the field advantage. • What are they doing? • How are you different? • Who uses their product? • Why do people use their product? • Who are they aligned with? • What is the overall perception of the competition? • What’s their market share? • What features do you have they don’t? • Who are their enemies?
  8. 8. #StartaAccelerator Competition: Finding The Entry Point Initial Audience vs. Target Audience Competitor A Competitor BYOU Total Serviceable Market
  9. 9. #StartaAccelerator Competition:Strategy Compete Collaborate Where do you fit in?How are you better?
  10. 10. #StartaAccelerator Product Gaps Your product is not geo agnostic and may require modifications. Localized Payment Methods Language Support Price Adjustments Brand Overhaul Competitive Features
  11. 11. #StartaAccelerator Product: Strategy Adapt your product to local market trends and user behavior Maximize potential of your product value for agile localization Figure out what local users want Mobile versus desktop markets
  12. 12. #StartaAccelerator TAKEAWAYS Know The Market Understand Competitors Figure Out Product Gaps Fine Tune A Process …and if you need help along the way…