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Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Habitat for Humanity "Affordable Housing Requirements for Disabled Children"

LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Habitat for Humanity "Affordable Housing Requirements for Disabled Children"

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Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project Presentation: Habitat for Humanity "Affordable Housing Requirements for Disabled Children"

  1. 1. Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County Affordable Housing Requirements for Disabled Children Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project
  2. 2. Our Project Habitat for Humanity (“Habitat”) is seeing a dramatic increase in families with disabled family members, many of whom do not have physical disabilities. These disabilities may include, but are not limited to, autism spectrum disorder, attention and hyperactivity disorder, speech disorders, and physical and mobility impairments. As Habitat works to build these families affordable housing, it needs to understand specific space requirements of these various special needs to enable those living with disabilities to grow to their fullest potential, allowing all families to thrive. Habitat would like to understand what other agencies are available to assist with this or what guidelines and recommendations might exist.
  3. 3. Our Objective Create a list of recommendations for families with family members with various disabilities. How can we organize or present this information in a meaningful, easy to use way? Making a Difference
  5. 5. Visits and Interviews Scott Center for Autism Promise in Brevard Brevard Association for the Advancement of the Blind Brevard Achievement Center Resource Center for Disability Solutions of Florida Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County
  6. 6. What We Learned No “One Size” approach for home design, even within the same disability Universal Design Concepts: Guidance framework meant to fit most people, in most circumstances.
  7. 7. Autism Spectrum & Attention Deficit Interior recommendations Safety measures – specialized door & window locks, outlets above children’s reach Adjustable light switches – dimming lights can calm Additional insulation, particularly bedroom interior walls, for noise reduction Rounded corners on all counters & walls Interior video cameras for monitoring a child from elsewhere in the house Floors with extra padding under short-napped carpet Muted, soothing wall colors
  8. 8. Autism Spectrum & Attention Deficit Exterior recommendations Fencing with minimum space between slats so child cannot elope No plants with thorns, berries, or anything that will harm a child if touched or ingested Child-proof windows and doors
  9. 9. Vision Impairment Interior Recommendations Adjustable lights – incomplete blindness may require anything from very little light to an overabundance of light Extra outlets for additional lighting Countertops with rounded edges Solid color surfaces & countertops – white or dark depending on the impairment ADA appliances Door and window open chimes Solid color flooring Single-handed sink faucets
  10. 10. Vision Impairment Exterior Recommendations Solid privacy fence Dog door into fenced in area for service dog
  11. 11. Physical Disabilities Interior Recommendations No cabinets under sinks Zero-entry walk-in shower with handrails Minimum door width: 32 inches Pocket doors, barn doors with large slider handles Smooth, level flooring Barn door style closet doors Wheelchair-accessible light switches Avoidance of 90-degree turns for wheelchair traversal of the house Non-slip flooring in bathrooms ADA appliances Fold-down rails beside toilets Single-handed sink faucets
  12. 12. Physical Disabilities Exterior recommendations Ramps to exterior doors – front and back Extra-wide entry doors
  13. 13. Hearing Impairment Interior recommendations Flashing light with doorbell, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors Limited interior walls – open plans with unobstructed lines of sight Flooring that blocks sound or vibrations like carpet Exterior recommendations Motion sensing lights
  14. 14. What Are Other Habitats Doing? • Homeowner candidate special needs form Pinellas & West Pasco Counties • Incorporates Universal Design elements into every home Orlando / Osceola • Collaborates with Center of Independent Living Broward • Conducts an informal assessment interview during the construction phase to determine specific needs St. Augustine / St. Johns County • No formal program or predefined recomendations West Volusia; Winter Park-Maitland; Collier
  15. 15. Our Final Recommendations Incorporate Universal Design into all new homes, as a rule. We have prepared a written recommendation list to be presented to Habitat. 1 Establish documentation for Habitat, sorted by disability, with additional suggestions and rationale for modifications to the home. Our written recommendation list to Habitat breaks down recommendations by disability. 2 Incorporate a standard assessment document with suggested modifications to the home, to be completed for every Habitat family at time of interview/screening. We have prepared an option list for Habitat to provide to purchasers to select upgrade options for the home. 3
  16. 16. Thank you! Questions? Comments? Donations?