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Metro Card


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UX Design Workshop Project

Published in: Design
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Metro Card

  1. 1. Smart Trip Card General Assembly UX Workshop Project
  2. 2. Problem statement A fast, easy way to load your SMART trip card and view your card balance without waiting in line (how do you notify people of low balances and make it quick & easy to avoid lines at the kiosks)
  3. 3. Competitive Analysis
  4. 4. WMATA Machines Pros • Trust, familiarity • Convenience, availability Cons • Time consuming • Big and clunky WMATA Auto Reload Pros • Trust, familiarity • Automatic reload – no time required Cons • Less control over when it draws from credit card • Website is not simple and sexy
  5. 5. Masabi Pros • Multiple cities in one app • Multiple modes of transportation • No line, fast • Looks good Cons • Not familiar • Closed platform Masabi makes city transport smarter by simplifying ticketing and streamlining fare collection, validation and management for transport providers across all modes of public transportation. Our mobile ticketing and innovative fare collection solutions are in use by 25 transport agencies and operators around the globe, including: Virgin Trains, Abellio, London’s Thames Clippers, New Orleans’ RTA, Boston’s MBTA, Transport for Athens, Los Angeles’ Metrolink and New York’s MTA. Info:
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis – Lessons Learned •Trust, feel official •Feel personal •Easy, save time • Scan into phone • Link metro card to payment options •Option for full control over when it draws $ •Fun experience
  7. 7. Persona
  8. 8. Michelle • Female, 31 years old • Lives in Silver Spring, MD • Corporate job/Middle Income • No Kids/Has a dog Pains: • Long commute • Train schedules and/or service interruptions • Long lines and over crowded Needs/Solutions: • Pleasant Commute • Eliminate line wait • Make it easy and fast • Distractions from long lines and crowds
  9. 9. Flow & Wireframe
  10. 10. User Flow
  11. 11. Link to App:
  12. 12. Testing
  13. 13. Test Results •Completed all tasks •Selected correct buttons, knew where to go •Liked scan feature •Easy to use •Wanted confirmations of success
  14. 14. The End Note: The original content of this project was done in a group at General Assembly UX Workshop with me (TaVon Sneed, William Merrow, Aobakwe Pone). I have modified this document concluding the workshop.