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HELM TALKS: Natural Capital Lecture 2

  1. 1. QUESTIONS Thresholds Safe limits and resilience Units Maintenance Benefits
  2. 2. THRESHOLDS AND SAFE LIMITS State of Natural Capital Second Report
  3. 3. CAUSES OF EXTINCTION Island dynamics Population dynamics Genetic variations Habitats Recovery strategies Predation
  4. 4. SAFE LIMITS AND RESILIENCE Assessment of risk Resilience to shocks Species or habitats Valuation of loss of renewables in perpetuity Example: cod stocks, rhinos
  5. 5. Species, ecosystems and habitats Protected areas Outputs Valuation UNITS Examples – hen harriers on moorlands
  6. 6. MAINTENANCE Assets-in-perpetuity Capital maintenance Application to units Maintenance of outputs or inputs Examples – clean water vs. water works
  7. 7. BENEFITS Utility units vs. asset units The role of benefit assessment Limited resources and targeted spending Keystone species vs. habitats Examples: crane re-establishment vs. Somerset levels
  8. 8. SUMMARY Centrality of assets and capabilities Concentrate on renewables Habitats and island and large areas Iconic species as a way of capturing public engagement Safe limits, wide margins Limited role for CBA