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Re-sit slides, FSS, Summer 2017, Day 3

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Task 1: Start working on your artefact With all the material you have covered so far (videos, slides, case studies & past artefacts) and all the group discussions you’ve been having, it should be easy for your group to agree on a focus for your artefact! :) Based on yesterday’s group discussion, decide: • Your artefact’s focus (environment, objective & target-audience) • Materials needed (i.e., information, pictures, audio, video, etc.) • Divide tasks & agree on timescales (Who? How? When?) – Be fair :P
  2. 2. Task 2: Skills for Day 3 We have put together a number of resources that should help you in creating your artefact. Please see them in MOLE on Day 3 > Task 2. • If you are using resources from the internet, (e.g., images) please see “Internet Research Ethics”. • If your team is creating media (e.g., a video), please read “Legal issues in creating media”
  3. 3. Task 3: Start preparing your presentation As well as submitting an artefact on Day 4, you need to submit a collaborative presentation using Google Slides. • Please make sure you cover all the areas outlined in the “Artefact and Presentation assessment criteria” (see the Assessment and Feedback link on MOLE). • Everyone in your group must contribute with at least 1 or 2 slides. • Try not to exceed 35 words per slide - use images, not just text!
  4. 4. Task 4: Group Discussion Join your group’s real-time discussion and make sure you have everything covered to finish and submit your artefact and presentation by tomorrow. Task 5: Facilitator check-in Don’t forget to touch-base with your facilitator and brief them on your artefact and presentation’s progress. Better ask any questions today!