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New TV Planning Platform: Adobe Advertising Cloud

Break free from legacy thinking and break through to the future of TV planning.

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New TV Planning Platform: Adobe Advertising Cloud

  1. 1. © 2020 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. Adobe Advertising Cloud New TV Planning Platform New TV Planning Capabilities Welcome to a New Era of TV Planning Plan Variations & Analysis Robust User Experience Fully Automated Workflows Advertisers can now create multiple variations of a plan, easily compare KPI trade-offs, and order the optimal plan to meet their objectives. All directly within Adobe Advertising Cloud. Reduce time spent planning TV campaigns, while ensuring increased efficiency and performance. Adobe Advertising Cloud Quickly generate multiple plan variations for comparison and analysis, then select the optimal plan to order An unparalleled user experience built to match stakeholders’ operational and financial needs Multiple partners natively integrated to deliver fully automated workflows for in- platform planning, ordering, and execution
  2. 2. © 2020 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. Planning Efficiency Financial FlexibilityEnd-to-End AccessData-Driven Planning The TV RFP and planning process often has tight turnarounds, and current tools are inefficient and time consuming TV teams often have their own rate card and finance workflows that aren’t supported in software The end-to-end TV buying experience is fragmented and often still requires picking up the phone TV planning and buying processes still underutilize the power of data (especially high-value first-party data) Market Problem Adobe Solution New TV Planning Feature Details Users can generate multiple plan variations, quickly and compare them, and select the optimal plan for ordering Advertising Cloud user experience has been redesigned from user research and testing to match stakeholder needs, including custom input details Advertising Cloud is integrated with multiple partners to deliver fully automated in-platform planning, ordering, and execution workflows Data ingestion into Advertising Cloud allows for accurate panel matching to incorporate factors like seasonality and best target your audience. • Plan comparison and duplication • Duplication of plan inputs and details • Network/daypart/day analysis of each plan with expected delivery • Custom view creation • Email notifications of plan delivery • Activation of multiple plans at the same time • Flexible audience lenses • Pulse flighting controls • Plan editing that allows advertisers to input details that are not reflected in their offline negotiations • Uploading and sharing of private rate cards Native integrations with:• Vizio database with seasonal historical data • Base plan analysis and comparison • Incremental reach planning algorithm Break Free from Legacy Thinking and Break Through to the Future of TV Planning One Holistic View of Your Customer Matched and Modeled for TV For One Connected Experience Mobile Display Linear TV Audio Connected TV Desktop VideoAddressable TV Searc h DOOH Build, Compare, Order, Analyze