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Free TESOL Course Online - Common Mistakes Workshop


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This is a 30-hour Nuts & Bolts Course to get up to speed quickly to teach ESL online to kids. I have used this program to mentor over 520 teachers to teach online. 
This is an ESL Professional Development Course NOT a TESOL Certificate Program.

This is a foundation course. It will give you the basics needs to create a solid footing to teach ESL online to children.

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Free TESOL Course Online - Common Mistakes Workshop

  1. 1. The Online ESL Mentoring Program: Common Mistakes Workshop The CommonMistakes Task Sheet is designed to help you avoid some commonmistake online ESL teachers make. If you do these then it could impact your booking rate. Also, many of these mistakes are what parents complain about most. Call to Action for this workshop: 1. Review the Phonics Workshop.Make a list of the phonic sounds that you need to practice. 2. Make a list of 3-5 things you can do to make your class exciting and remove the boring parts of your lessons.These are things you do all the time in class. 3. Make a list of things you must do in class and postthem next to your computerlike correcting students, making them speak in complete sentences,and having a positive attitude. 4. Post a list of 3-5 things you can do to make your class exciting in the commentsectionunder this video.
  2. 2. Some common mistakesto avoid in your classes: 1. Phonics: Make sure you’re saying the phonics sounds correct. Review the Phonics Workshop. 2. Grammar:Make sure you review the grammar points for that lesson. 3. Waiting for the studentto respond: You should wait a little bit longer for a new student because you don’t know their response time to questions.With your regular students, you will get a better feelon when to help them. 4. Boring classes: Try to enhance your classes by using facial expressions,TPR,and rhythm. If you're currently teaching online then look at your classes and see where you can add these tips. 5. Positive Attitude: Making sure you come into the class with a positive mindset.Sometimes it is hard to do but the more you can do this the better. 6. Correcting the student: YouMUST correctthe student all the time. If you don’t it will be very hard for you to get repeat booking from the parents. 7. Complete Sentences: You MUST get your students to speak in complete sentencesall the time. If you don’t the parents won’t book your class again. Some things you should be doing in the classroom: 1. Ask the student lots of questions like How old are you?, Is your bike big?, Do you have a sister? Etc. I usually ask them questions about every other slide.This is how you get to know the student and build the bond with that student. 2. Give the student information about you and your life: This helps to create the bond with the student.
  3. 3. Make a list of the phonic sounds thatyou need to practice: Make a list of 3-5 things you can do to make your classes exciting: Make a list of things you must do in class and post in next to your computer:
  4. 4. The Commonmistakes workshop is so important because you want to avoid doing things in your classes that will impact your booking rates. In each of these workshops, it is important to take action so you can teach ESL online for the long-term. Taking action now will ensure you are ready to teach ESL online from home. Happy Teaching! Teacher Daniel