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Seeking Support from Foundations


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Tim Wuchter, Director of Foundation Relations, Michigan State University, explains foundation funding and provides tips to grant writers. October 8, 2015

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Seeking Support from Foundations

  1. 1. October 8, 2015 Seeking Support from Foundations Tim Wuchter Director – Foundation Relations
  2. 2. Corporate and Foundation Relations Office Works with corporations and foundations who have multiple interests that would impact more than one discipline within the University Acts as a point of contact for corporate liaisons, key executives, and foundation leadership and program staff Works with alumni within corporations and foundations who can act as advocates for MSU within their organizations Monitors the interests of Tier 1 corporate and foundation funders Works with colleges/units and VPRGS/MSU-BusinessConnect to develop fundable proposals that match corporate or foundation interests and needs Coordinates and plans stewardship activities for corporations and foundations Reviews/approves e-transmittals for all foundation proposals
  3. 3. Who’s Who in CFR? Corporate and Foundation Relations Office - Central  Lucille Fallon, Executive Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations  Tim Wuchter, Director, Foundations (National)  OPEN, Associate Director, Foundations (National)  Brad Ricker, Associate Director CFR, Key Industries (Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Insurance)  Patti Althoff, Associate Director CFR, Key Industries (Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Entertainment, Consumer Products, Technology)  Larry Wallach, Associate Director CFR (Michigan) Corporate and Foundation Relations Staff in Colleges/Units Agriculture & Natural Resources  OPEN Associate Director CFR Broad College of Business  Kyan Zeller, Associate Director of Development and CFR College of Engineering  Jennifer Jennings, Associate Director CFR International Studies and Programs  Angha Childress, Senior Director of Development (CFR Focus)
  4. 4. The Development Office in Your College The Director of Development in your college: • Serves as the liaison between the college and the central Corporate and Foundation Relations Office • Can assist in identifying potential corporate and foundation (as well as potential alumni and individual) support for your project or initiative • Can work with the central Corporate and Foundation Relations Office in seeking clearance to approach a corporation or foundation
  5. 5. College Development Contacts Agriculture and Natural Resources, University Extension Tami Baumann, Senior Director OPEN, Associate Director - CFR Arts and Letters Bridget Paff, Director Broadcasting Services - WKAR Cathy Zell, Senior Director Communication Arts & Sciences Meredith Jagutis, Senior Director Education Melissa Phillips, Senior Director Engineering Stephen Bates, Senior Director Jennifer Jennings, Associate Director - CFR Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum Open Eli Broad College of Business Vivian Leung, Senior Director Kyan Zeller, Associate Director - CFR Human Medicine OPEN, Senior Director Intercollegiate Athletics Chuck Sleeper, Senior Director International Studies and Programs Angha Childress, Senior Director James Madison College Rocky Beckett, Director Libraries & Info Technology Services Seth Martin, Director Lyman Briggs College Danielle Parish, Director Michigan 4-H Foundation Cheryl Howell, Executive Director MSU College of Law Tina Casoli, Director MSU Museum Annie James, Director Music Rebecca Surian, Director Natural Science/Cyclotron Corey Longley, Senior Director Nursing Eric Sturdy, Jr., Director Osteopathic Medicine Christopher Surian, Director Residential College of Arts & Humanities Annie James, Director Social Science Nick McLaren, Senior Director, Student Affairs and Services Melissa Wagasy, Director University Scholarships and Fellowships Honors College Jennifer Bertram, Senior Director Veterinary Medicine Doug Moffat, Senior Director Wharton Center Doug Miller, Director
  6. 6. Key Facts on U.S. Foundations Source: Foundation Center
  7. 7. Source: Foundation Center
  8. 8. Source: Foundation Center
  9. 9. Top Foundations Source: Foundation Center
  10. 10. Source: Foundation Center
  11. 11. Foundation Funding: Domestic Source: Foundation Center
  12. 12. Foundation Funding: International Source: Foundation Center
  13. 13. Foundation Funding to MSU 2010 / $29.6 million 2011 / $38.3 million 2012 / $36.5 million 2013 / $16.9 million 2014 / $34.8 million 2015 / $54.3 million W. K. Kellogg Foundation $128 million Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $50 million The MasterCard Foundation $45 million ANNUAL FUNDING TOP FUNDERS Source: Council for Aid to Education
  14. 14. National Foundation Funding Interests Awards and Competitions Program/Project Grants
  15. 15. Awards and Competitions  Research-focused  Most are annual  Strong emphasis on early career faculty  Often have very specific eligibility requirements  Focus tends to be on the sciences, engineering, and medical disciplines  Highly competitive / expert review panels  Many are institutionally limited and require nomination by the university. Coordinated out of Doug Gage’s office. 
  16. 16. Awards and Competitions  Paul G. Allen Family Foundation  Rita Allen Foundation  Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation  Burroughs Wellcome Fund  Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation  Doris Duke Charitable Foundation  William T. Grant Foundation  Howard Hughes Medical Institute  W. M. Keck Foundation  Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund  Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation  James S. McDonnell Foundation  McKnight Foundation  Andrew W. Mellon Foundation  David and Lucile Packard Foundation  Pew Charitable Trusts  Research Corporation for Science Advancement  Searle Funds  Simons Foundation  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  17. 17. Program/Project Grants  Most of the large national foundations have multiple program areas with numerous sub-programs and are focused on addressing the world’s most challenging problems  Program officers are usually experts in their fields  Program officers tend to know who the top academics are in their respective fields and often use them as thought leaders on new program development or strategy refreshes  Grantees are more often than not sourced by the foundation rather than the result of individual “cold” submissions  Proposals are often co-created by the prospective grantee and the foundation
  18. 18. Program/Project Grants  Typically support projects that are national or international in scope, impact large numbers of people, can serve as models for others, and have the capacity to become self-sustaining after the grant period.  Tend to favor multidisciplinary / multi-partner collaborations  More and more, funding is going to NGOs, advocacy groups, community-based groups, and intermediary organizations rather than colleges and universities  For international projects, foundations are moving toward funding the in-country partner
  19. 19. Researching Foundation Interests Online Resources Foundation Affinity Groups
  20. 20. Online Resources  Foundation Directory Online   Foundation Search   GuideStar   MSU Library – Jon Harrison’s Webpage 
  21. 21. Affinity Groups  African Grantmakers Network  Environmental Grantmakers Association  Health & Environmental Funders Network  Technology Affinity Group  Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders  Peace and Security Funders Group  Literacy Funders Network  Funders for LGBTQ Issues  Grantmakers in the Arts  Grantmakers in Health  Grantmakers in Aging  Grantmakers in Education  Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families  Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights  Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
  22. 22. Questions?