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Tech For the Non-Technical


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Everyone has blindspots. For developers it is often taking for granted certain technical skill sets. So what happens when you need to build a system for people without those skills? How do you adjust? What do you use as a reference point for common knowledge? How do you get out of your own head?

This talk will tell a story of a project where we attempted to do just that. What we learned. What challenges we faced. And how our final system took into account all of our experiences.

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Tech For the Non-Technical

  1. 1. BUILDING TECH FOR THE NON-TECHNICAL By Laurie Barth Ten Mile Square Technologies
  2. 2. THE PROJECT • Brittle system • Monolith • Owned and operated by technical team • PLSQL 2000+ line function
  3. 3. REQUIREMENTS • Remove the blackbox • New system must be maintained and developed by data team (non-technical) • Future tech support for infrastructure only
  4. 4. VS • Pick the right tool • Don’t underestimate non-technical resources
  5. 5. VS • Break it down • Use visuals to your advantage
  6. 6. Annotations Data Labels Verification spreadsheets Status Function Labels • Use development best practices • Make your error states clear
  7. 7. • Don’t hide information, make everything accessible that you can
  8. 8. • Be consistent
  9. 9. TAKEAWAYS • Look beyond your horizon, see the whole picture • Don’t underestimate non-technical resources • Get creative and leave breadcrumbs