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Content search windows_ver4.5_eng


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Content search windows

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Content search windows_ver4.5_eng

  1. 1. Karakuri,inc K a R a Ku Ri
  2. 2. "Karakuri" is a driving force creating ideas do not exist in the world.
  3. 3. Publisher administrator's troubles 65-90% Bounce Rate Category: Dictionaries,Blogs,Portals unce-rate/benchmarks/ "Karakuri" helps resolving these issues with ContentSearchWindow ・Prevent departure of visitors and subsequent loss of opportunities. ・”Karakuri” empowers our customers to capture the needs of their site visitors that are not attainable by existing access analyzers. Our analysis will help set effective next step measures. Why did the visitor leave the site? What kind of content does the visitor have the interest in reading? Not fully understanding the needs of visitors.
  4. 4. face lotion rough skin face lotion skin care The open pores are exterminated with this face lotion! Summer's recommended skin care 5 selections. Necessities of summer pores. New On-site search engine specialized for online publisher Patent pending in Japan(2017‐213472) Development of new search advertising market Karakuri
  5. 5. Accelerate business growth based on search data Improve Advertising Cost Effectiveness. New Keyword TargetingData DrivenCustomer Insight Discovery For AdvertiserFor Media New Ad revenue
  6. 6. User’s Next Action Analyze user interests and On-site behavior Why did visitor withdraw? ⇒ analize form searched words Analogize needs with search words after reading What kind of articles did the visitors show interests in next? Customer Insight Discovery
  7. 7. Next content theme... Content creation based on data Data Driven Add search data (visitor's needs) to experience and intuition so far.
  8. 8. Content Search Windows Ad(In Development) Search result area Search Windows Word A Word B Word C ADContent A Content B WordA Searc result area Word A Word B Word C ADContent A Content B Standard(Set under the Article) Search within articles ( Scheduled expansion ) Tap a keyword in the article and a search window is launched at the bottom of the screen Keyword targeting for users searching after reading the articles Feature 1 A cost effective promotion maybe possible while utilizaing search word targeting. Feature 2 Simple Search use of the window introduce the visitors to the advertisement naturally. Feature 3 Maximize the advertising revenue by analyzing keywords with high advertising effectiveness and expanding contents based on the result.
  9. 9. Company Profile Company Karakuri,inc. Established 2016 /11 / 29 Head Office 10-12 Yotsuya Sakamachi, garden tower 37, 3F Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0002 Phone 81367099473 Capital 6,000,000 JPY Representative CEO Kazuo Ikeda COO Masahiro Takahashi CMO Jindo Otsuka Business Area Content Search Window / Development of own service / advertising agency business / various consulting / sports business
  10. 10. Technology "Karakuri" aims to be a technology-oriented company. Content Search Windows technology enhances the accuracy of keywords and search results by predicting the relevance to the articles and the words that users will search next by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning. We intend to create various new services applying this technology to change the web world