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Paul Bouniol: Online Proctoring Forecast to Develop More than Ever Before


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Online Proctoring Forecast to Develop More than Ever Before

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Paul Bouniol: Online Proctoring Forecast to Develop More than Ever Before

  1. 1. Online Proctoring Forecast to develop more than ever before? Paul Bouniol, LanguageCert Academic Consultant [] ©Eaquals Eaquals International Conference | Madrid | 11-13 April 2019 #eaquals19madrid
  2. 2. Online Proctoring: Forecast to develop more than ever before? From e-learning and CB testing to OP OP explained Evaluating OP PeopleCert & OP Future developments Conclusions ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  3. 3. Proctoring explained ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Proctoring = Invigilation: “Watching people taking a test to make sure they don’t cheat” Cheating: • Using prior knowledge of test content • Getting test answers by illicit means • Impersonation or substitution • Copying • Recording test content & responses Thecheatingtriangle(D’Souza, 2017) opportunity rationalisation incentive
  4. 4. Online Proctoring explained Online (or Remote) Proctoring: • Using a person and/or system to support invigilation • Where the proctor is not physically present • Uses online connectivity to observe/ analyse/ record test taker behaviour ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  5. 5. Where does Online Proctoring come from? OPbuilds on online learning and CB testing Some benefits of CB testing: • Fast results • Auto marking • Analytical feedback • No print/shipping costs • More secure (fewer people in delivery chain) • Offers flexibility & choice • Much emphasis on design of online learning, much less on e- invigilation (Ketab, 2015) ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  6. 6. What is Online Proctoring addressing? CB testing centres have to be in multiple locations with equipment, premises and staff on site Online Proctoring removes requirements for • equipment • location • invigilator present While supporting • security • cost effectiveness • fair & accurate assessment ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  7. 7. Types of Online Proctoring Live Online Proctoring • trained proctor in a remote location • monitors the candidates in real time Recorded Proctoring • exam recorded and played back later to red-flag suspicious activity Advanced Automated Proctoring • uses face recognition for authentication & audio-video and screen recorded • system monitors feeds for suspicious activity - use of advanced video and audio analytics • detects candidates talking, tilting heads, missing faces, noises, etc. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  8. 8. A Case Study: PeopleCert Brief profile • PeopleCert: organisation administering advanced automated proctoring since 2011 • Develops and manages globally recognised qualifications • Delivers standardised exams on behalf of governments, professional associations, educational institutions etc. • Maintains certification programmes on behalf of a wide range of organisations • Qualifications development and management rely on a robust system and applications ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  9. 9. A Case Study: PeopleCert Highlights • Has so far delivered more than 5 million exams across over 200 countries • Uses over 10,000 examination locations worldwide • Has a network of more than 8,000 subject matter experts, associates and invigilators • Administers Paper & Computer-based exams in 25 languages • Operates 24/7/365 and provides multilingual customer support • Possesses an award winning online proctoring solution (‘Innovation Award’ at the Business IT Excellence Awards) ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  10. 10. A Case Study: PeopleCert Comprehensive Portfolio of 500+ Qualifications ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Business and IT Qualifications • AXELOS Best Management Practice (ITIL, PRINCE2, MSP, MoV, MoR, P3O, RESILIA) • COBIT (ISACA), DevOps (Dev Ops Institute), • DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) • Lean IT (Lean IT Association) • Lean Six Sigma (IASSC) • ECDL/ICDL (ECDL Foundation), • Quality Software Developer (PeopleCert and SIG) • Professional Valuers (Appraisers) • Management Systems Professionals • Other certificates under development
  11. 11. A Case Study: PeopleCert A picture is worth 1,000 words: Tests within the past 12 months ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  12. 12. Comprehensive Portfolio LanguageCert Qualifications ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid • A PeopleCert Group company • Awarding Organisation dedicated to language skills assessment & certification • Develops own language qualifications • Partners with renowned organisations worldwide to offer high-quality language skills assessment and certification • Deploys PeopleCert’s state-of-the-art, innovative and flexible exam administration technologies and systems About LanguageCert
  13. 13. Comprehensive Portfolio LanguageCert Qualifications ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid ENGLISH LanguageCert International ESOL LanguageCert Young Learners ESOL SPANISH LanguageCert USAL esPro TURKISH LanguageCert Ankara University TÖMER PB & CB exams available Portfolio to be enriched & more languages on the way
  14. 14. Online Proctoring Main features • Addition to CB assessment • Allows candidates to sit secure tests in any location • Prevents/identifies attempts to cheat in tests and deters impersonation, copying, learned responses • Candidates monitored online by means of webcam, mic & access to their screen • Monitoring software tracks actions and behaviour • However candidates need access to: - a suitable device (laptop/desktop PC, tablet, mobile) - an internet connection (256 + kbps speed) - a functional webcam and a mic ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  15. 15. Online Proctoring Candidate’s Steps ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  16. 16. Online Proctoring Candidate’s Steps • Candidate downloads exam application (Locks down browser to mitigate content theft and cheating) • Two kinds of prevention features: - Navigation Prevention Features - Infringement Prevention Features ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  17. 17. Online Proctoring Navigation & Infringement Prevention Features Navigation Prevention Features: • Prevents right-click • Prevents function keys • Prevents some key combos • Hides Taskbar and Desktop • Hides menus and icons • Prevents window minimization • Prevents Copy/Paste • Prevents printing ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Infringement Prevention Features: • Terminates blacklisted applications (e.g. screen capture & keyloggers) • Prevents launch of applications during the exam session • Terminates communications software • Prevents execution on virtual machines • Prevents simultaneous tests • Allows single monitor only
  18. 18. Online Proctoring Initial Candidate’s Checks ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  19. 19. Online Proctoring Initial Proctor’s checks ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  20. 20. Online Proctoring Live Proctoring • Proctor to candidate ratio 2:8 • Ensures at least one proctor monitors candidates at all times • Proctors use a 40-inch screen and observe up to 8 candidates at once • All candidate and system actions monitored, logged and timestamped ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  21. 21. ©Eaquals Eaquals International Conference, Riga, 27 – 29 April 2017 21
  22. 22. Online Proctoring Initial instructions to Candidates ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  23. 23. Online Proctoring Monitoring Software • PeopleCert uses its own communication and monitoring software • Proctors can communicate with candidates and identify notable behavior • Software analyses: • Voice detection / Candidate Talking • Candidate Tilting Head • Missing face • Multiple faces detected • Background noises • Alerts represented with icons on the proctor’s interface • All alerts tagged, timestamped and logged ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Multiple faces detected Candidate talking Candidate Tilting head No face detected Background Noise detected Low Battery
  24. 24. Online Proctoring Auditing Authorized auditors : • Select and replay any test • Playback recordings at different speeds • View automated tags - captured by the system or added by proctor • Play the video at time stamp • Tag and add comments on video ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  25. 25. Is Online Proctoring the future? • CB will grow & flexibility in assessment delivery is required • Demand to address individual needs (genuine flexibility/availability) • Tests will occur more often at candidate’s home, employment etc. • Candidates expected to use range of tools ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  26. 26. Developments in Online Proctoring Further developments expected & research • Enhance the test taker's authentication by the use of biometric inputs • Facial recognition to be used to avoid impersonation • Keyboard behavior analysis will further develop • Broader use of ways to identify patterns of unusual behavior/response ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  27. 27. Conclusions, Online Proctoring ... and Languages • An addition to traditional test venues • Supports accessible testing in remote areas, for people who can’t travel etc. • Enables a more personalised provision in future • Combines technology and a friendly face to provide high quality service • Language exams about to be launched as an OP option ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  28. 28. Thank you* * Special thanks to Roger Johnson & Marios Molfetas for their input and support ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  29. 29. References and useful sources ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Amigud, A., Arnedo-Moreno, J., Daradoumis, T., Guerrero-Roldan, A.E. (2018), "An integrative review of security and integrity strategies in an academic environment: current understanding and emerging perspectives", Computers & Security. Atoum, Y., Chen, L., Alex X. Liu, A.X., Hsu, S.D.H., Liu, X. (2017), "Automated Online Exam Proctoring", Multimedia IEEE Transactions, vol. 19, 7: 1609-1624. Berkey, D., & Halfond, J. (2015). Cheating, student authentication and proctoring in online programs. New England Journal of Higher Education. D'Souza, K. A. and Siegfeldt, D. V. (2017), A Conceptual Framework for Detecting Cheating in Online and Take‐Home Exams. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 15: 370-391. Karim, M. N., Kaminsky, S. E., & Behrend, T. S. (2014). Cheating, reactions, and performance in remotely proctored testing: An exploratory experimental study. Journal of Business and Psychology, 29: 555-572.
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