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Sarah Caton & Mike Mayor: Making Teaching More Impactful with the Pearson Efficacy Framework


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Making Teaching More Impactful with the Pearson Efficacy Framework

Published in: Education
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Sarah Caton & Mike Mayor: Making Teaching More Impactful with the Pearson Efficacy Framework

  1. 1. The Pearson Efficacy Framework: is your teaching having an impact? Image by Lucy Vigrass Sarah Caton & Mike Mayor
  2. 2. Measuring impact
  3. 3. Eaquals Quality Standards 8. Quality Assurance There are systems to foster a culture of quality through continuous evaluation, reflection and action. How does your institution monitor continuous evaluation and reflection? What processes are in place? Do you currently use any tools to support these processes?
  4. 4. Efficacy - definition Make a measurable impact on someone’s life through learning Or: A measurable impact on improving someone’s life through learning
  5. 5. What does efficacy mean?
  6. 6. Pearson’s Efficacy Framework • Designed by Sir Michael Barber • Focuses on learner outcomes • Holistic look at how likely you are to deliver on outcomes • Four areas of the review: • Outcomes • Evidence • Planning and Implementation • Capacity to Deliver • Used internally to understand how well placed products are to deliver on outcomes • Used externally with institutions to align behind outcomes and plan to deliver
  7. 7. The Review Process • Efficacy Workshops delivered with cross functional teams – gain a range of perspectives to improve alignment • Key documentation is required as an input to the review e.g. any scores that are to be used as evidence of impact • Improvement Action Plans created to look at areas for development • Regular review of evidence and plans to create continual improvement loop
  8. 8. Case Study: Wall Street English The road to efficacy •Product redesign starts – March 2014 •Efficacy review – June 2014 •Outcomes defined - October 2014 •Design improvements made •Product launch - December 2015 •First evidence review - Jan 2016 •Studies underway - June 2016 •Second evidence review - July 2016 •Service outcomes added - October 2016 •Complete review with China - Feb 2017 •Service improvements made •Third evidence review – July 2017 Study findings: Learning gains on GSE are significant - and better than expected
  9. 9. Workshop Answer the questions based on your perspective – whatever your role Look at all three categories for the OUTCOMES board • Read the descriptions – start with the Red rating • Choose one of the four colours ratings for each category – Red, Amber Red, Amber Green, Green (no sitting on the fence!) • When you have all voted, discuss why you chose your colour with the group • Capture the discussion on post it notes • Finally decide which of the colours to align behind –choose just one as a group Now repeat for the EVIDENCE board Finally, write down one action you will take back to your institution for each board on a post it note
  10. 10. Summary Pearson’s Efficacy Framework can help you align your institution or team around delivering outcomes for learners This will help you gain accreditation by demonstrating evidence of progress and creating a culture of continual improvement At Pearson we use the GSE as the backbone of the evidence of progress – how do you do that? Contact Mike Mayor: if you want more support in using the GSE or the efficacy framework
  11. 11. There’s so much more to learn Find out more about Efficacy and Pearson at Download the Pearson Efficacy Framework at com/global/Files/efficacy-and- research/methods/Efficacy-Workbook.pdf Find out more about the GSE at
  12. 12. One last request….. Thank you for attending our workshop. In the spirit of continuous evaluation and improvement, we’d like to ask you to spend a few minutes providing feedback on the session. Please scan the QR code below to access the survey: