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Vienna Schedule Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2018


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Schedule & speakers

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Vienna Schedule Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2018

  1. 1. Computational Law + Blockchain Festival 2018 – Vienna Node – March 17, 2018 WELCOME TO THE VIENNA NODE 2018 – MARCH 17, 2018 #clbfest2018vienna - #clbfest2018 - #legalhack organzied by Vienna Legal Hackers is a local chapter of the Legal Hackers platform. Legal Hackers is a global movement of lawyers, policymakers, technologists, academics and others who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Through local meetups, hackathons, and workshops, Legal Hackers spot issues and opportunities where technology can improve and inform the practice of law and where law, legal practice, and policy can adapt to rapidly changing technology. We are explorers. We are doers. We are Legal Hackers. E: W: Join us on: EVENT PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS:
  2. 2. Computational Law + Blockchain Festival 2018 – Vienna Node – March 17, 2018 VIENNA SCHEDULE (subject to change) Saturday – March 17, 2018 Working Title: Legal Identity Challenge LEARN DISCUSS 9:45am Check-In & Welcome @ Juridicum - Seminarraum 10 10am Dr. Stefan Eder, Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte/ Vienna Legal Hackers Begrüßung und Einleitung in CL+B Fest 2018 Vienna Node 10:30 Prof. Erich Schweighofer, Universität Wien, Juridicum Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen der digitalen Identität insbesondere der digitalen Signatur 11:00 Prof. Eva Kühn, Technische Universität Wien Blockchain/ Bitcoin in a Nutshell: Technische Grundlagen. 11:45 Mag. Ingo Braun, Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte Datenschutz, Bankgeheimnis und digitale Identität 12:15 Mag. Jakob Zanol Datenschutz bei Self-Sovereign-Identiy-Konzepten auf Blockchain-Basis 12:30 Dr. Stefan Eder, Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte Digitale Identität in der Wirtschaft 1pm Break for Lunch 1:30 Discussion, Workshopuntil 4pm BIOS A.o. Univ.-Prof. Mag. DDr. Erich Schweighofer is Head of Center for Computers and Law, Section for International Law and International Relations, and an internationally renown expert on all fields of Legal Informatics at the University of Vienna. Due to his multidisciplinary research he involves both disciplines - Informatics and Law – on the highest scientific level in interdisciplinary projects and lectures. In addition he is the main organizer of the annual International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS), the largest and most important academic conference on computers and law in Austria and Central Europe. Details: . Dr. Stefan Eder, who holds degrees in both law and business information technology, is a founding partner of Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte GmbH. His particular area of specialisation is project finance, where he regularly advises national and international clients from a variety of commercial sectors (e.g. banks, energy providers, construction and infrastructure companies, telecommunication companies). Furthermore he is lecturer at IRIS, Vienna University of Technology and organizer of the Vienna Legal Hackers. A.o. Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Eva Kühn, Vienna University of Technology, graduated engineer of computer sciences (DI), Ph.D. (Dr. techn.) and Venia Docendi from the TU Wien. Heinz- Zemanek Research Award for Ph.D. work on "Multi Database Systems". Kurt-Gödel Research Grant from the Austrian Government for a sabbatical at the Indiana Center for Databases at Purdue University, USA. International publications and teaching in the areas of methods and tools for software development, software engineering, coordination languages, software integration, parallel and distributed programming, heterogeneous transaction processing, and space based computing. Project coordinator of nationally, internationally funded research projects, and projects with industry. International software patents for research work on a new "Coordination System". More:
  3. 3. Computational Law + Blockchain Festival 2018 – Vienna Node – March 17, 2018 _______________________________________________________________ Mag. Ingo Braun is partner of Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte GmbH since July 2015. He is specialized in finance, corporate finance, asset-based lending, supervisory laws, insurance law, data protection and disputes, in which he advised Austrian and international clients from various sectors. He aldo advises in technoloy M&A matters. Mag. Jakob Zanol is a research assistant in the working group Legal Informatics at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna where he is involved in various research projects, focusing on the fields of data protection and cyber security. Prior to that, he worked as a trainee at a law firm in Vienna and as a specialist advisor to a parliamentary club. Jakob Zanol studied law at the University of Vienna and completed his judicial practice. He is currently working on his doctorate in law at the University of Vienna.