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Analysis of e-Merchandising Ecosystem - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018


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Analysis of e-Merchandising Ecosystem - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018

  1. 1. # E-merchandising
  2. 2. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CAMILLE RADZIOCH E-merchandising & Conversion consultant Altima° part of Accenture Interactive SPEAKER
  3. 3. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MAXIME BOSVIEUX Ecommerce Director, EMEA UBISOFT SPEAKER
  4. 4. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # WHAT IS …
  5. 5. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # E-MERCHANDISING « The right product to the right place, at the right time and to the right person » E-merchandising serves the merchants to help them animate their product offer but also replace the sales force on physical stores. The following items are the 3 pillars of the merchandising: - reaching the business objectives - spreading the brand image - meeting the clients’ expectations INTRODUCTION
  6. 6. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET TRENDS
  7. 7. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # A user centric approach E-merchandising operates on these 4 main zones, that tend to be more and more personalized. Still, it is recommended to have a solid merchandising strategy on these 4 zones before beginning a personalization project. It is necessary to have a clear vision of the e-merchandiser scope of action to understand the market trends. Tools are numerous, but are really different from one another by their scopes of action. We can identify for instance « Swiss Army Knife » tools, from the searchandising specialists or personalization experts. Some hybrids between searchandising and personalization also exist. Let’s not forget e-commerce platforms that evolve in order to cover all the merchandising aspects In this fast-moving eco-system we also notice that there are more and more interactions between personnalization and A/B test tools MARKET TRENDS
  8. 8. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # BENCHMARK
  9. 9. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # SUMMARY • Key figures • What is e-merchandising • The scope of action • Mapping of the main merchandising tools • Expert opinion What is in the white book
  10. 10. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # It would not make sense to compare one solution to another as their scopes of action can be very different. To overcome this difficulty to realise the benchmark, we split the merchandising solutions in 3 main groups: • Visual merchandisers: or « Swiss Army Knives », are solutions that meet all the merchandising needs, between the front and the e-commerce platform • Searchandisers: are relevance specialists. Their scope of action is the search engine, but also results pages and even filters for some of them • Personalization tools : expert that suggest made-to-measure products and contents thank to the AI. They act on-site and off-site, on any point of contact (HP, PLP, PDP, basket…) APPROACH
  11. 11. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # To rate the visual merchandisers we have defined a few criteria and gave a mark to each tool on these 5 topics : - Navigation: tree structure management / products management - Search: relevance; autocomplete management / ranking rules / visual merchandising - Pages list et ranking rules: ranking rules and contextualization / filters / A/B testing - Recommendations: content editions / available recommendations zones / auto-calculated business data - Personalization: available or not VISUAL MERCHANDISERS
  12. 12. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # To rate the searchandisers we have defined a few criteria and gave a mark to each tool on these 3 topics : - Relevance management: ease of configuration of the autocomplete; blacklist; attributes weight; natural typo tolerance / instant search option… - Visual merchandising : boost or deboost on products / manual ranking / ranking rules / rules contextualization / filters management… - Data: dashboard to follow the search performances / data collect of products and clients informations… SEARCHANDISERS
  13. 13. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # To rate the personalization tools we have defined a few criteria and gave a mark to each tool on the following topics : - Recommendations zones - Predictive intelligence - Merchandising rules - Messages and content management - Monitoring - A/B testing - Segment - Data import - Data collect PERSONALIZATION TOOLS
  14. 14. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PANEL DISCUSSION
  15. 15. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PRESENTATION OF THE SPEAKERS #1. Merchandising and your organization #2. What is the scope of action of Qubit? #3. What data? #4. The choice of the tool #5. Ubisoft x Altima #6. What’s next? #7. Any experience to share? MAXIME BOSVIEUX Ecommerce Director, EMEA UBISOFT CAMILLE RADZIOCH E-merchandising & Conversion Consultant ALTIMA part of Accenture Interactive
  16. 16. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CONTACTS CAMILLE RADZIOCH E-merchandising & Conversion Consultant +33 (0)6 24 90 62 18