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03 multi scale plot network current status of tern 28.03.12


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03 multi scale plot network current status of tern 28.03.12

  1. 1. Multi-Scale Plot NetworkData Delivery InfrastructurePresentation by Nikki Thurgate
  2. 2. The MSPN We provide a framework thatintegrates data from multiple sourcesto form a large-scale understanding of Australian ecosystems and how they are changing.
  3. 3. We need to address national challenges: Carbon Water Biodiversity Change Climate Change Sustainable Use Disturbance Management Resilience Susceptibility
  4. 4. Multi-Scale Plot Network•AusPlots – national baseline and surveillance monitoring•LTERN-Transects environmental gradients•LTERN-Plots disturbance drivers•SuperSites ecosystem dynamics Rangelands Forests NATT SWATT TREND
  5. 5. P P 20m P 20m P FF Species Presence/Absence 100m 110m Species Abundance 100m CE NW E E E E CE Vegetation Structure N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 NE W5 E5 Location Data FF E SC MG E W4 MG SC E4 Soil Profiles & Descriptions P 20m P P 110m E W3 SC MG E3 E Soil Sample Curation P 20m20m P E E Gene SequencesP& Barcodes 20m P P W2 E2 Species VoucherFCuration F MGSC MG SCMG SC MG SC SC MG W1 MG E1 E SC E SW Isotope Samples SP S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 SE MG CE E E E E CE Metagenomic Sequences SP – Soils 1m pit 100m 100m Photo Points SC – Soils 30cm Core MG- Soils Metagenomics Leaf Area Index– Cage trap C P P 20m Basal Area Measures trap E – Elliot P P – Pitfall Trap 20m P Phylogeography Funnel Trap F – FF
  6. 6. Who will use MSPN data?•ACEAS•eMAST•AusCover•OzFlux•Soils
  7. 7. Who will use MSPN data?•Professionals • Researchers • Government e.g. • SoE, NPEI • State government e.g. monitoring change • Natural resource managers e.g. species planning•Most people won’t know they’re using it
  8. 8. The role of the portal•AEKOS will provide a novel solutionthat will allow the full richness ofecosystem data to be used andexplored•The Supersite data portal will providean interface for the ecosystemcommunity to deposit both TERN andcontextual data sets