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Homeschooling High School


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These are the slides that I use during my class called "Homeschooling Through High School".

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Homeschooling High School

  1. 1. Homeschooling Through High School By Constance Gillon Director of HOPE Christian Academy Toney, Alabama
  2. 2. What Does Public School Require? TOTAL 24 ENGLISH – ENG 9, ENG 10, ENG 11, ENG 12 4 MATH - Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2 4 SCIENCE – Biology & a Phys. Science 4 SOCIAL STUDIES – World Hist, US Hist 1 & 2, Gov't & Economics 4 LIFE PE 1 HEALTH EDUCATION .5 FOREIGN LANG., ARTS, CTE 3 ELECTIVES 2.5
  3. 3. CLASSES How Do We Plan High School Classes? ● Use the syllabus from curriculum ● Use online curriculum for guide ● Evaluate external classes for credit ● Schedule internships
  4. 4. CLASSES Where Do We Find Classes? ● Homeschool Co-Operatives ● Online Opportunities ● Museums ● Learning Centers ● Community Colleges ● Private Tutors ● Driving Schools
  5. 5. CLASSES Who Assigns Grades? ● Home Class – Parents ● Co-Op – Teacher ● External Class – Teacher ● Dual Enrollment – College ● Museum Classes – Ungraded
  6. 6. CLASSES What About Common Core? ● One of the joys of enrolling in a church school is the exempt from curriculum regulation, but the ACT/SAT are both now fully common core compliant. ● Private school law currently only addresses PE, but that sets a precedent to allow the state to set private school curriculum. Other
  7. 7. CLASSES What Constitutes An Elective? ● As a parent, most church schools allow YOU to determine the definition of an elective. ● Most church schools allow up to one credit per year for work study. ● Most students have interests or passions that provide wonderful
  8. 8. CLASSES What Is An AP Class? ● AP stands for Advanced Placement. ● Upon successful completion of the AP test, state colleges often issue a college credit for that course. ● Upon successful completion of the AP Test, AP Classes will add 1 point to the GPA for that class.
  9. 9. ACCREDITATION What Is Accreditation? “The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Accrediting agencies, which are private educational associations of regional or national scope, develop evaluation criteria and conduct peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met. Institutions and/or programs that request an agency's evaluation and that meet an agency's criteria are then "accredited" by that agency.” From:
  10. 10. ACCREDITATION What Does Alabama Law Say? Alabama Code 16-28-3 contains language about students from an accredited school being considered transfer students. BEFORE that, it states, "....every child attending a church school as defined in Section 16-28-1 is exempt from the requirements of this section, provided such child complies with enrollment and reporting procedure specified in Section 16-28-7."
  11. 11. ACCREDITATION How Does It Apply To Homeschoolers? ● NCAA Scholarships ● Private Colleges ● SOME Public Schools Try To Discriminate
  12. 12. ACCREDITATION What Are Colleges Looking For? Some experts claim that it doesn't matter much whether or not a high school or school district is accredited. The issue surfaces any time a school or a school district loses its accreditation or is threatened with its loss. The truth of the matter is that accreditation is just one piece of the admissions profile for candidates. I was unable to find any examples of a college rejecting an otherwise well-qualified candidate simply because she had the misfortune to graduate from a school which had lost its accreditation. From: parents-perspective-is-accreditation-necessary
  13. 13. TRANSCRIPTS What is a Credit? “The standard Carnegie unit is defined as 120 hours of contact time with an instructor—i.e., one hour of instruction a day, five days a week, for 24 weeks, or 7,200 minutes of instructional time over the course of an academic year.” From:
  14. 14. TRANSCRIPTS Who Creates Transcripts? ● You – accepted in most states ● Your Church School ● Paid Service
  15. 15. TRANSCRIPTS Why Are Transcripts Important? ● They are most often used for college admissions. ● Colleges usually require “Official Transcripts” for admission. ● Car Insurance Companies often ask for transcripts to grant “good grade” discounts.
  16. 16. TRANSCRIPTS How Do We Calculate GPA? ● A= 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 ● Honors Classes GPA +.5 ● AP/DE Classes GPA +1 ● Weighted GPA is calculated based upon the GPA per credit hour. ● Unweighted GPA is calculated based upon the GPA per class.
  17. 17. TESTING How Important Is Standardized Testing? That all depends on: * Student Disabilit * Student Achievement * Future Plans * College Choice
  18. 18. TESTING Who Administers Testing? ● As long as you have a degree, you may purchase certain tests to administer at home. ● Classical Conversations ● ACT / SAT Test Sites ● Alternative CLT Testing
  19. 19. TESTING ACT SAT Top Score 36 1600 Owner ACT Inc. College Board Sections English, Math, Reading, Science Math, Reading, And Writing Penalty For Omissions NO NO Penalty for Wrong Answers NO NO # Times Offered Annually 6 7 Test Duration 3 hrs. 25 min. 3 hours Common Core Yes Yes Website Sat.collegeboard. com/home/
  20. 20. TESTING Should We Use Online Or Paper Testing? ● Most testing facilities use paper testing. ● Online testing limits the number of questions you may go back to for editing. ● Paper testing may be slower. ● Ultimately, the test type should be determined by your child's test habits.
  21. 21. TESTING Is There An Alternative? ● There is a NEW test alternative called the CLT (Classical Learning Test). It is currently only accepted at a limited number of private colleges. ● Some community colleges use the Accuplacer in lieu of the ACT or SAT for those who have not yet taken those standardized tests.
  22. 22. TESTING How Do Special Needs Students Get Testing Accommodations? ● Recent diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis my a licensed MD. ● Proof of IEP, if recently transferred from public or private school. ● Be prepared to wait for confirmation of accommodation.
  23. 23. DUAL ENROLL Why SHOULD/NOT Dual Enroll? BEST NOT DUAL ENROLL: ● Academically Average Student ● Student With Test Anxiety ● Student With Poor Time Management GREAT TO ENROLL: ● Academically Gifted ● Good Self-Motivation ● Good Organization Skills
  24. 24. DUAL ENROLL What Grade Levels Are Eligible? 10th & Up Is Standardized Testing Required? Yes for admission
  25. 25. DUAL ENROLL What About Special Needs Students? ● Colleges are prepared to make reasonable accommodations for special needs students. ● Students will need a RECENT diagnosis and/or a recent IEP. ● If your child requires one-on-one care, you may need to arrange to pay for an aide. ● Most universities have on-campus special programs designed for special needs students.
  26. 26. DUAL ENROLL How Much Does It Cost? ● Every school is different. How Do Credits Transfer? ● Credits with corresponding course codes ● Easily transfer between colleges that are regionally accredited.
  27. 27. DUAL ENROLL Does DE Hurt Freshman Eligibility? Not In Alabama! PTL! How Are DE Credits Assessed For High School Credit? One 3 hour college class Equals 1 high school credit (Carnegie Unit)
  28. 28. COLLEGE ● Do Colleges Discriminate Against Us? ● Should We Consider Online College? ● How Important Is Testing vs. GPA? ● What About Scholarships?
  29. 29. RESOURCES
  30. 30. CONTACT US HOPE Christian Academy Education Ministry Outreach of Shady Grove UMC Http:// Constance Gillon, Director 256-513-9212