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Arbutus Garden Arts Display Garden

  1. 1. Some views of the Arbutus Garden Arts Display Garden Through the seasons…
  2. 2. The front garden in spring.
  3. 3. Spring color: Shindeshojo, Katsura and Beni Tsukasa
  4. 4. The garden in spring.
  5. 5. Walking west past the backyard central mound in spring. Walking north past the backyard central mound in spring.
  6. 6. Dwarf conifers and bulbs in spring. Green Prince dwarf conifer with dragon.
  7. 7. Japanese dwarf maple Kawaii with Epimedium and Mahonia.
  8. 8. Fragrant Magnolia in the spring.
  9. 9. Wako nishiki maple in spring (white). Dragon’s blood Epimedium with Kurabayashii Trillium in spring.
  10. 10. David’s Barberry, California Lilac and Mikawa Yatsubusa maple in spring.
  11. 11. The nursery in spring color.
  12. 12. View from the back of the garden in summer.
  13. 13. Emerald Lace maple in fall. More maple fall color.
  14. 14. The garden central mound in winter. Chief Joseph pine with yellow winter color.
  15. 15. Frozen 2016. Chief Joseph pine yellow in the background.
  16. 16. The front yard dry riverbed in winter.
  17. 17. Polygala blooming through the ice
  18. 18. Tea in the backyard during the January 2107 snowstorm.
  19. 19. The backyard in the January 2017 snow.
  20. 20. Thank you for visiting. Deb & Norm