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Einstein Analytics deployment to live 2019


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Some information to help new Einstein Analytics users deploy their projects from a Salesforce sandbox to a live environment.

This was presented as a talk at the London Analytics Meet Up.

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Einstein Analytics deployment to live 2019

  1. 1. Nic Flook London Analytics Meet Up - January 2019 Going live with Einstein Analytics
  2. 2. Topics ☑ Environments ☑ Methods of deployment ☑ Flight checks ☑ Post-migration ☑ Q & A - Links
  3. 3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail etc etc Or how we learn from embracing the fail whale '. .-""-._ .--| / "-..__) .-' | _ / '-.__, .__.,' `'----'._--' VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  4. 4. Environments Know your environments and deployment process ☑ Production ☑ Full Copy Sandbox ☑ Partial Copy ☑ Developer Sandbox ☑ Data and Integrations ☑ Connecting environments
  5. 5. ☑ Change Sets ☑ ANT Migration tool or Force CLI ☑ Managed Packages ☑ Metadata deployments ☑ Manual deployment Methods of deployment Einstein Analytics deployment methods
  6. 6. Components for deployment Einstein Analytics metadata components for your change set ☑ All prefixed with Analytics ☑ Analytics Application ☑ Analytics Dashboard ☑ Analytics Dataflow ☑ Analytics Dataset ☑ Analytics Dataset Metadata ☑ Analytics Lens ☑ Analytics Recipe ☑ Are there any new fields, objects, profiles or permissions that have been created as part of the project? ☑ Data is not part of the project deployment change sets
  7. 7. Flight Checks Prepare the destination org for your deployment ☑ Set up Einstein Analytics in the destination org ☑ Sharing of Analytics Apps Roles and role hierarchy / Groups / Individuals ☑ Object model changes and configuration - Sounds obvious but it has to be complete or dataflows will fail - e.g Analytics View All field - A custom field created on the user record ☑ FLS - especially any new objects or fields that have been created ☑ Profile settings for the Analytics Integration User and Security User ☑ Einstein Analytics License provision - Have you enabled all of the required users ☑ Image resources and hardcoded URLs ☑ Permission Sets - Any custom permission sets that are required E.g - you may have an extended PS for those who are able to download data ☑ Configured external data connectors in destination
  8. 8. Post-migration Successful deployment in the bag, now make some final checks ☑ Schedule any recipes, dataflows, replication ☑ Check your connectors ☑ Upload CSV data if required ☑ Run dataflows ☑ Check security predicates and sharing in your dashboards ☑ Check your benchmarks 👹Ask me about Multivalue fields created through expressions
  9. 9. Useful links 11 More information about migrating your Einstein Projects • Salesforce: Analytics Migration, Packaging, and Distribution • Salesforce Success Community for Einstein Analytics • Deploying Einstein Analytics Templates • Spring 19 Release notes
  10. 10. Thank you Nic Flook Einstein Analytics Practice Lead