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Tips for working effectively as a distributed team - Darline Auguste, Atlassian


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Presentation delivered at Atlassian in Scotland 2019, 19th March 2019, Glasgow by Darline Auguste, Atlassian. It's no longer uncommon to work in an office but also have remote teammates. What can you do to help everyone adjust to new ways of working while keeping it all running smoothly?

Get insights on the tools and best practices that have worked at Atlassian as we've expanded our global workforce. This talk highlights tips and tricks to ensure distributed team cohesion and inclusion of teammates near and far.

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Tips for working effectively as a distributed team - Darline Auguste, Atlassian

  1. 1. DARLINE AUGUSTE | APAC & EMEA COMMUNITY MANAGER | @ATLASSIAN 5 Tips for Working Effectively as a Distributed Team
  2. 2. We believe behind every great human achievement, there is a team 
 Our mission is to unleash the potential of every team
  3. 3. Distributed Teammates in different offices and time zones Remote Teammates working from outside an office space
  4. 4. Amsterdam Austin Manila Mountain View Yokohama Sydney San FranciscoGdanskNew York Bangalore Remote
  5. 5. Establish channels for teammates to stay in regular contact. 1. STAY CONNECTED
  6. 6. Collaborate Create, update and collaborate all on one page Boards Organize projects (or anything really) in a fun, flexible way Chat Initiate 1:1 convos, group chats, share gifs & fun videos! Video Conferencing Hop on a call to chat with your teammates in real time Connection Tools
  7. 7. Don’t assume team members are as informed or will eventually find things out on their own. 2. OVER-COMMUNICATE
  8. 8. SLACK THREADS Easily Visible Threads have their own dedicated space Filter Noise Important updates are no longer lost in social noise Track All Replies See all replies to individual threads
  9. 9. Establish team rules of engagement. 3. INVOLVE EVERYONE
  10. 10. Be mindful of time zone differences and consider rotating meeting times. 4. BE CONSIDERATE
  11. 11. Make meetings as inclusive as possible. 5. LEVEL THE FIELD
  12. 12. It’s not only up to your teammates Bonus: 3 things you can do as a distributed/remote teammate
  13. 13. Speak up.
  14. 14. Hold yourself accountable.
  15. 15. Be flexible and set expectations.
  16. 16. YOUYOU are the key to unleashing the potential of your organization.
  17. 17. Where Atlassian users meet and share best practices
  18. 18. DARLINE AUGUSTE | APAC & EMEA COMMUNITY MANAGER | @ATLASSIAN Tips for Working Effectively as a Distributed Team