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Re-sit slides, FSS, Summer 2017, Day 4

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Day 4 - Checklist Task 1: Skills for today – Google Slides Task 2: Finish and submit the artefact and collaborative presentation Task 3: Group reflection Task 4: Evaluate the module
  2. 2. Task 1: Skills for Day 4 – Google Slides Please click on the “Google Slides tutorial” if you have any questions on how to use Google Slides, or if you’re interested in knowing more about this tool.
  3. 3. Task 2: Finish & upload the artefact & presentation A) Finish your artefact. B) Finish the collaborative presentation, making sure you cover all the assessment criteria. C) One person from the team should be responsible for submitting both the artefact and the presentation. Follow the instructions on the “Submission of Artefact and Presentation” (MOLE).
  4. 4. Task 3: Reflect on your learning Reflect during your real-time discussion. Your facilitator will join you for this session  • Reflect on how the group worked together • Reflect on what you have learnt in the process, and how you can get the best from it going forward in your studies and future career. * We have put together some cool resources to support self-reflection! (Day 4 > Resources: Self-reflection)
  5. 5. Task 4: Give us feedback! ;) We will be posting on MOLE a link to the module evaluation (Day 4 > Task 4). We would REALLY appreciate if you give us feedback so we can understand how it went, and can think of ways to keep improving! The evaluation should take about 10 minutes and responses are anonymous.