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There and Back Again of Software Architecture: Monolith vs. Microservices

Any mention of monolithic applications would raise an eyebrow or two today - and with a good reason. Our accumulated experience is teaching us that monolithic applications bring many issues, not least important them being hard to maintain. On the other end of the specter we find microservices, the preferred design in the eyes of many. And there are myriads of designs and architectures in between these two extremes. Who's right there?

In this presentation, we will analyse common design problems, starting from monolithic designs, paying extra attention to pathological coupling, violating transactional consistency and unclear data ownership.

By the end of this presentation, you will learn that, from perspective of design, there is no substantial difference between multitier monoliths and microservices - assuming each of them is done right. And more, you will learn that a proper, maintainable monolith can easily be morphed into microservices, and vice versa.

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There and Back Again of Software Architecture: Monolith vs. Microservices

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