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A Holistic Approach to Litigation Technology


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ABA Young Lawyer's Division Webinar Hosted by Bob Ambrogi. Presented by Allegory Law, PacerPro, and Casetext.

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A Holistic Approach to Litigation Technology

  1. 1. Litigation Tool Tips: A Holistic Approach to Litigation Technology Moderated by: Bob Ambrogi,
  2. 2. Gavin McGrane CEO PacerPro Alma Asay CEO Allegory Law Jake Heller CEO CaseText Bob Ambrogi Moderator
  3. 3. Review Context Analysis
  4. 4. Use Case
  5. 5. PacerPro - PDF2Go
  6. 6. PacerPro - PDF2Go Distribution: Partners Associates Support Co-counsel Clients
  7. 7. PacerPro - PDF2Go
  8. 8. Allegory Your entire case in one place Keep track of important case dates and related events Easy-access to Contact Information
  9. 9. Links to all Exhibits Highlight & link key statements to Issues, Facts, and ExhibitsAllegory Add attorney notes to specific arguments
  10. 10. Everywhere this document has been used as an Exhibit See linked arguments from briefs side-by-side with document Allegory Scroll through key text linked to Issues and Facts
  11. 11. Casetext - CARA