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Umbraco Codegarden Retreat 2017


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Emma Garland's experience of the Umbraco Codegarden 2017 retreat as discussed in the umBristol meetup July 2017

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Umbraco Codegarden Retreat 2017

  1. 1. Umbraco Codegarden Retreat 2017 Emma Garland
  2. 2. Who am I and why am I talking to you?...
  3. 3. I’m a Senior Software Developer at Rock Solid Knowledge... We’re the office that you’re at now Umbraco Xamarin IdentityServer Consultancy & Training I’ve been using Umbraco for longer than I care to remember… But it was 2009 when I was first introduced to it by an architect in Cwmbran Emma Garland
  4. 4. The Retreat
  5. 5. What is a Codegarden “Retreat”?...
  6. 6. What happens? The Retreat Recipe Group of Umbraco developers Some Core HQ members Niels (Chief Unicorn) A mystery location
  7. 7. Procedure Invite a bunch of active community members, MVPs and some Core HQ Take them to a mystery Danish location for a few days Over the course of the days (usually a weekend), set about to discuss and build things for the core and Our Umbraco Present back to the community via demos and core updates
  8. 8. What's happened in past retreats?...
  9. 9. 2008 - Moving forward, “Defining umbraco” and defining "What is umbraco?” 2009 - Future Umbraco, stabilising core, architecture, structure, standards, support, engaging communities, marketing, naming conventions, MVC pattern 2010 - Discussing reorganising the content tree, package dependencies 2011 - Jupiter – version 5 of Umbraco re-architected on ASP.NET MVC 2012 - Honest discussion and decision about the retiring of Umbraco version 5 2013 - Community, the core Umbraco 7 “Belle” project, backwards compatibility, AngularJS 2014 - Query Builder (in template editor), Recycle Bin view & restore nodes Previous Retreats
  10. 10. The Setup
  11. 11. How did this whole thing come together?...
  12. 12. From the community: Jeavon Leopold - Crumpled Dog Andy Butland - Zone Bjarne Fyrstenborg - Ørskov Web Anders Bjerner - Skybrud Jeffrey Schoemaker - Perplex Lars-Erik Aabech - Markedspartner Lotte Pitcher - PAM Lee Kelleher - Umbrella Who came? From Umbraco HQ: Niels Hartvig Per Ploug Shannon Deminick Stephan Gay Sebastiaan Janssen Mads Rasmussen Rune Strand Claus Jensen
  13. 13. Variables that may affect the outcome... Clarity of requirements Tiredness Bonding of the group Communication within the group Facilities Alcohol consumption Putting a bunch of skilled Umbraco HQ developers and contributors together can only lead to excellent stuff! Years of industry experience between them means they will build and create more epic stuff than ever before!
  14. 14.
  15. 15. The Location(s)
  16. 16. Where the devil were you?...
  17. 17. Umbraco HQ
  18. 18. Stella Maris, Svendborg Jeffrey Schoemaker, 2017 Shannon Deminick, 2017
  19. 19. *Artists impression (of a different siege)
  20. 20. Getting started
  21. 21. How did you get going?...
  22. 22. Niels Hartvig Open Space
  23. 23. Open spaces put on the board Choose an open space you want to attend Pitch the outcome after Vote Ones with most votes get worked on Aim: To decide what to work on in the Retreat Planning
  24. 24. My Open Spaces How did the open spaces I ran go?… UI tests Personalisation, Segmentation & A/B Testing (It would have helped if I’d gone to the right room!) I also attended: Our Umbraco community contributions Health Checks
  25. 25. Sprint PlanningVoting Open space ideas you wanted to work on Complete in 3 hour sprints T-Shirt sizes on tasks Couple of sprints for larger tasks Required output, a spec or documentation Wrap things up during the retreat Ensures completion
  26. 26. The code
  27. 27. What did we work on and how did it go?...
  28. 28. Outcome: A zip file of a working starter kit with blog, various listings and a contact page that works on any v7.6.3+ install Clean HTML and foundation for the Lesson functionality made by a separate group Guided instructions for new users Niels, Per, Lotte, Jeavon, Warren, Rune Aim: To make it extra easy for people to get started with Umbraco from a fresh install Make Starter Kit v1.0 package S
  29. 29. Outcome: Version 1: A simply designed dashboard displaying lesson pages related to the installed starterkit The possibility to later add lessons by active section n/Tutorials/Starter-kit/Lessons/1- Customise-the-Starter-kit/ Jeavon, Rune, Warren Aim: Create a repository of simple task-based lessons on Github to expose on Our Umbraco in a feed consumed by the backoffice Docs & Videos in the Core S
  30. 30. Starter Docs
  31. 31. Starter Tour
  32. 32. Aim: To extend the User Management side of Umbraco with 2-factor Authentication and User Events User Management S 2-factor authentication User Event Notifications Jeffrey, Sebastiaan
  33. 33. Aim: To extend the available Health Checks and run Health Checks on a schedule Reporting back with a webhook or email notification Jeavon, Andy, Stephan, Warren Health Checks S
  34. 34. Aim: To navigate by keyboard through the back-office with a focal point on where you are Originally “Session about Editorial Workflow” During the session it turned into a completely different session about Accessibility Jeffrey, Mads Accessible Back-Office M
  35. 35. Can ad-hoc nodes live outside the main content-tree & be treated the same as proper content nodes (indexable, queryable?) Use/reuse nodes within NestedContent as references NestedContent Pull Request Lee, Claus, Stephan & Shannon Aim: Review the NestedContent Pull Request and get it into Core! Nodes as a Commodity: Nested Content S
  36. 36. Our great Leeder
  37. 37. HTTP status code check: Create a simple status code post publishing to show if the page is still returning a 200 status code On Settings, a HTTP status code appear in the published dialogue Add to health check an option to ping all published content pages for their http status codes and return an icon to show if successful or not Emma Aim: To allow content editors to know if by publishing, they have broken their pages, and ultimately, their user journey UI Tests for Published Content L
  38. 38. Aim: To create default values for any type of content Create from a prepopulated page and reuse multiple times Shannon, Lars-Erik Content Blueprints M
  39. 39. Content Blueprints
  40. 40. Aim: To provide entertainment to the Codegarden masses Live FAKENEWSfeed on screen HQ (especially Rune, Mads) Codegarden Bingo App S
  41. 41. Latest Umbraco meetups from near you Contributors to Umbraco’s GitHub repositories Blog posts will return! Bjarne, Anders, Emma Aim: To display more community presence on OurUmbraco Featuring Community On Our S
  42. 42. How this felt different to non-Open Source contributions... Teamwork to resolve issues - entirely voluntary Accept a lack of control over when things get merged/reverted based on repository admin’s decision Obsessive sense of responsibility for our code for a few days Checked it every day… You make the pull request, it gets approved, live review at Retreat What if you know it needs optimising even further?… If it’s out in the wild, you can wait and send a gentle reminder Prioritisation might mean your pull request reaches the front of the queue What happens once the code is committed?
  43. 43. How was the communication?...
  44. 44. Slack Channel
  45. 45. The non-coding side
  46. 46. So when we weren’t coding what were we doing?...
  47. 47. Hackers -
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Wash-up
  50. 50. Where can we see what went on?...
  51. 51. What it was not In my experience, the Codegarden Retreat 2017 was not like any of the following: A stag do An intensely pressured stressful working weekend A pure kicking-back holiday Boring Like anything I’ve quite been on
  52. 52. If I could do it again Don’t get to Odense so late on the Friday Bring the right travel adaptor Make sure I got enough sleep from the first night Ask more questions (same as #codecabin16) Probably not suggest large tasks Chill out a bit about committing to Open Source! Balance of being careful, and too much fear!
  53. 53. Summary Highly recommended! Very well-looked after Massive learnings from industry experts Exposure to Umbraco HQ and ways of working A lot of features and additions to Umbraco Core and Our Umbraco Twitter faces and GitHub avatars became reality They say never meet your heroes… I disagree!
  54. 54. Cheers!
  55. 55. Cheers!● Photos from the retreat team ○ Niels Hartvig, Jeffrey Schoemaker, Shannon Deminick, me ○ Umbraco, Umbraco CG17 videos, Slack images, Twitter & Flickr ○ ○ ● Lotte has a nice retreat blog here: ○ retreat ● Video on the Retreat washup at Codegarden 2017: ○ ● ● ● Any questions?
  56. 56. FIN