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Thursday 2-sankowich-compressed


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Trees and Utilities Conference 2017

Published in: Environment
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Thursday 2-sankowich-compressed

  1. 1. Wood Waste and the Human Component Sara Sankowich, System Arborist 9.28.2017 Trees & Utilities
  2. 2. Wood Waste Present in allVM projects
  3. 3. Unitil’s Programs • Cycle Pruning Program • Distribution • Sub-Transmission • Storm Resiliency Program 3Types ofVMWork Small IOU in New England
  4. 4. Storm Resiliency Program Reducing tree exposure along critical lines
  5. 5. Storm Resiliency Program • Companion program to VMP • Select circuits only • Critical sections of 3 phase only • Ground-to-sky clearing • Intensive Risk Tree Assessment & Removal Select areas only
  6. 6. Storm Resiliency Program Generates a lot of wood debris
  7. 7. The Biomass Issue • What do we do with all the wood? • How do we dispose of it cost effectively? • How do we have the least impact to customers and the environment? • Can we turn the “byproduct” into something more? Questions
  8. 8. Vendor Solutions – Product Chipping Chipping on-site Planning, Equipment, Cooperation, Implementation
  9. 9. Vendor Solutions – Product Chipping Chipping on-site Planning, Equipment, Cooperation, Implementation
  10. 10. Vendor Solutions – Product Chipping Chipping off-site Planning, Equipment, Cooperation, Implementation
  11. 11. Biomass Power Generation • Chips were then loaded into a tractor trailer and hauled to a biomass power generator facility • In 2013 – 344 tons of logs went to Concord Steam (local cogeneration) • In 2013 – 663 tons of chips were trucked to a cogeneration plant in Berlin, NH (~25 loads) • Wood waste = 2.3 MW or energy for 2,300 homes for a year
  12. 12. Concerns • Landing site visibility • Highlights the project impact • Public perceived “value” of wood • Chipping up large wood that could have other community uses
  13. 13. Other Options - Firewood Firewood for Fuel Assistance • Partnered with a correctional facility in the city of Concord, NH • Dropped off 4 log trucks full of hardwood • Inmates cut and split wood • Available to residents seeking winter fuel assistance
  14. 14. Other Options – Wood Product Partnership with local Wood Workers 1) American Association of Woodturners • Found a non-profit group that used green wood to turn bowls • NH Seacoast Woodturners 2) Guild of NH Woodworkers • Found a local woodturner with a portable mill, and a storage barn • 13 Stars Designs
  15. 15. Local Woodturner Partnerships • Identified locations where home owners did not want the wood • Site visits to determine wood working suitability • Marked trees for wood working • Record site, number each tree
  16. 16. Local Woodturner Results
  17. 17. Local Woodturner Results
  18. 18. Local Woodturner Results Oak split for bent chair backs & spindles
  19. 19. Local Woodturner Results Chair legs being laid out on maple
  20. 20. Local Woodturner Results Maple legs being turned round and tenons drying upside down
  21. 21. Local Woodturner Results Chair back spindles being made
  22. 22. Local Woodturner Results Ash being bent into chair back form & pine seat being made
  23. 23. Local Woodturner Results Maple legs added to Pine seat & Ash chair back being added
  24. 24. Local Woodturner Results Finishing with milk paint – black over red
  25. 25. Local Woodturner Results Finished product
  26. 26. Local Woodturner Results
  27. 27. Other Utility Case Study Rob Young – Nova Scotia Power
  28. 28. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Storm Hardening -rural areas • All wood waste chipped • Taken to one of two facilities • One at either end of the province • Try to keep it under an hour (otherwise it costs to send the product) • Each span – at least 6 tons of chips!
  29. 29. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Method 1 • Feller buncher • Full control over tree decent • Can move material across the road, if needed • Stage the material and chip it on site
  30. 30. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Drawback – difficult to chip on the road, difficult to maneuver tractor trailer
  31. 31. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Method 2 • Bruks Chipper • Picks up debris piles left by feller buncher • Chips into a container and carries to a parked trailer • All chipping on site
  32. 32. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Drawback – worked faster than the trailers could hold chips, became expensive due to down time
  33. 33. Bruks Chipper Dumping the bin
  34. 34. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling Method 3 • Current favorite • Cut, leave on site • Immediate limited transport to landing site • Less than 1km distance • Full tree chipper or grinder at landing, into a trailer
  35. 35. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling
  36. 36. Nova Scotia Power Wood Chip Recycling
  37. 37. Other Wood Waste Initiatives Shaun Wismer- ComEd
  38. 38. 40 ComEd Wood Chip Recycling  100% of wood chips and logs are recycled  No cost to ComEd  Wood products company hauls away, processes and sells wood chips
  39. 39. Brookfield Zoo Partnership  ComEd delivers fresh leafy tree branches • Specific species  Win - Win • Animals benefit from nutrition & enrichment • ComEd gets great public relations  2017 is 7th Year of program Video 41 Powering Lives of Zoo Animals
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. Contact Information Sara Sankowich – RobYoung - Shaun Wismer -