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Wallingford Storytelling Workshops March 2017

  1. 1. March 30 - 31, 2017 with Barbara Ganley
  2. 2. Workshop #1 So, Exactly How Does Storytelling Build a Better Wallingford? Taking a look at Wallingford Taking a look at storytelling Matching story projects to Wallingford
  3. 3. What will success look like at the end of the 06492 A Storied Place? And this workshop?
  4. 4. Journey of 04692: A Storied Place What does this place mean to us? What does this place mean to you (or me)? Making a better place for all of us
  5. 5. What does story have to do with community?
  6. 6. What we talk about when we talk about story Hook Problem ShiftTurning Point
  7. 7. Kurt Vonnegut on Story Shapes
  8. 8. Walking Stories
  9. 9. Belfast Shared History Project Chinese-Irish, Polish Immigrants & Northern Irish Group Story Interviews—Past, Present & Future Photos Story Circles Between the Groups Touring Exhibition Theater: A Play from the Interviews
  10. 10. a group of community workers from an area of South Belfast felt CONTEXT stories and to start to breakdown barriers and strengthen positive GOALS re coming together to share their experiences. These experience Project Description
  11. 11. A series of open-ended questions designed to capture the range of pa The first session explored the issue of “home”: what was it like to live The second session covered the journey to Belfast, and settling in. The third session covered settling in on the longer-term, and the “futu Part One: Group Interviews Although the ultimate aim of the project was to share experiences with people from
  12. 12. nsure that they recognised the stories shared as theirs. In that re me together to edit the materials and to discover each others’ wor Part Two: Groups Come Together to Share & Prepare Part Three: The Exhibition while each individual component or the whole work could potential
  13. 13. Symbolon/Noun Project So, first things first…
  14. 14. Five Words You Need To Describe Wallingford
  15. 15. Share with your Group Look for Patterns
  16. 16. Five PLACES that make Wallingford Wallingford Place dots on the map
  17. 17. On the Map & in Photos
  18. 18. Five PEOPLE that make Wallingford Wallingford
  19. 19. Three Challenges Facing Wallingford ______________________________ ___ _________________________________ _________________________________
  20. 20. Any elephants in the room? Anyone who might oppose or misunderstand the project? Anyone this project especially wants to reach? Why?
  21. 21. If Wallingford were a car, what would it be?
  22. 22. Visual Metaphor Exercise
  23. 23. We are the storytelling species
  24. 24. Rise of Gossip as Social Glue: Connections & Empathy
  25. 25. To Foster Belonging
  26. 26. To Build Trust
  27. 27. & Efficacy
  28. 28. Yo Szczepanska 5% remember STATS Made to Stick Dan & Chip Heath 63% remember STORIES
  29. 29. Story opens… Narrative arc Surprise, resonance, shift, delight
  30. 30. 1940s Experiment
  32. 32. CONDEMN DOMINATE MANIPULATE ISOLATE SCHEME JUDGE We Also Tell Stories to… * * * * * *
  33. 33. Map Stories Tell your story with purpose
  34. 34. Icon by Davo Sime We know what we want to accomplish with story… but how do we do it well and sensitively?
  35. 35. Whose Story? Who gets to tell it?
  36. 36. Ethical Storytelling
  37. 37. The role of DICTION & FRAMING global warming climate collapse climate chaos climate change
  38. 38. “It takes two to story…” Richard Kearney
  39. 39. dynamic of expectancy frames filters Why is she telling me this? Relevance & Resonance
  40. 40. Listening Efficiency 11 - 15%
  41. 41. Map Stories Tell your story with purpose A Retelling
  42. 42. What Your Listener Wants What You Want Find the Sweet Spot
  43. 43. Why Your Listener Wants Why You Want Sweet Spot Relevance & Resonance & Credibility
  44. 44. Where, When & How Your Listener Wants Where, When & How You Want Sweet Spot Channel Length & Tone Media
  45. 45. Strategic Story Flow Mission Project/Campaign Objectives Audience Channels(s) Media Story/Message Outcome Evaluation
  46. 46. RIGHT TIME
  47. 47. Which story do we tell? How do we tell it?
  48. 48. Stories & Community: A Recap Transmission of Culture Lessons of the Past Realities of the Present Plans for the Future Bonding & Bridging Engaging the Full Community Inviting Reconciliation Fostering Empathy & Belonging
  49. 49. Dear Wallingford…. (dreams for the future)
  50. 50. You’re a patchwork of farmland and factories, suburbs and sprawl. You’re a quiet place, yet your population is larger than some cities in Connecticut. I’d say you’re pleasant, but not inspiring. But does inspiration lurk beneath your ordinary façade? Do you attract people who want the quiet life? Or are people cut off from each other by the two highways which roar through you? I wish for more connectivity and culture here. I have heard kids say that there’s nothing to do. How can you become a hub for culture, a hive of activity? —Will Dear Wallingford Dear Wallingford, I have enjoyed living in your town since I moved here in 1999. I hope in the future, you will attract more racially and ethnically diverse residents; be welcoming to all new residents regardless of their backgrounds and cultures; be forward-thinking in order to achieve growth and success through innovative practices; keep and attract major employers from all business sectors, including construction, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, pharmaceutical, and technology; develop the younger generation to become community leaders; continue to recognize the value of your public library; and Be a leader in Connecticut. All the Best, Julie
  51. 51. Headline Stories: Wallingford in 2022 Headline Image you’ll use Quote Story
  52. 52. 1. From me & you to us 2. Our stories of Wallingford 3. Words & Places to Describe Wallingford 4. Story & storytelling roles in community 5. Defining story 6. Planning a Project, Part One: Goals & Audience 7. Planning a Project, Part Two: Channels, Media & The Right Story What We’ve Covered So Far
  53. 53. Pause & Reflect Gerardo Martin Martinez
  54. 54. Storytelling Projects for Community Engagement An Interactive Tour (Relevance to Wallingford)
  55. 55. A process of identifying and protecting the people, places, and traditions that citizens treasure and that connect them to one another and to their town. The arts and storytelling will be used as a catalyst for collaborative, creative and deep explorations of the community’s values, hopes and fears to support residents in planning for their future. Goals & Audience: Starksboro, Vermont Community Story Project: Art & Soul
  56. 56. Interviews: Digital Stories Story Circles Locative, Visual Storytelling Community Celebration Exhibition Book Methods
  57. 57. Starksboro Story Committee:
  59. 59. CONTEXT & GOALS
  61. 61. by Chameleon Design Project for Goal # 1 Project for Goal #2 Matching Project Type with Goals & Audience Project for Goal #3
  62. 62. Pieces of the Storytelling Project Puzzle As we go, jot down five projects that intrigue you
  63. 63. Storytelling Real-time Events
  64. 64. Open Houses & Annual Meetings Story Circles, Story Booths & Roaming Interviews Awards & Presentations Exhibitions Fun Brisbane City Council
  65. 65. Biddeford Maine Story Circles & Heartspots (Map Stories)
  66. 66. Story Booths & Informal Interviews At All Kinds of Community Events
  67. 67. Storytelling Tours
  68. 68. Story Performances Image from Brisbane City Council
  69. 69. What have you tried? What were your successes? Your challenges?
  70. 70. Locative Storytelling Projects
  71. 71. Poster Projects
  72. 72. s://
  73. 73. Mural Stories
  74. 74.
  76. 76. Media Projects for Communities
  77. 77. Books
  78. 78. Participatory Storytelling
  79. 79. Murmur Project
  80. 80.
  81. 81.
  82. 82. Lily by Geoff Gevalt
  83. 83. Social Media Stories video-gallery/
  84. 84. Gathered Stories
  85. 85. Image-Text Stories Online
  86. 86. Listening & Recording Booths
  87. 87. Take Your Own Tour
  88. 88.
  89. 89. Story Booth to Online
  90. 90.
  91. 91. Video: Many Voices to Tell the Fuller Story
  92. 92. Sharing Ideas & Take-aways 1 -2 -4 - All
  93. 93. Workshop #2 PRACTICE! Story Circles Story Interviews & Telling Your Story Well
  94. 94. Inside the Face-to-Face Story Moment
  95. 95. Drawing Exercise
  96. 96. Icon by irene hoffman /noun project What makes a great gift?
  97. 97. Icon by gregor cresner /noun project What makes a great story/telling?
  98. 98. Walking Stories A Wallingford moment you want to remember Ethan Clark/Noun Project
  100. 100. After a Series of Story Circle Events
  101. 101. WHEN & WHERE
  102. 102. jessikah maria ross
  103. 103. Story Circles in Starksboro
  104. 104. Clustering and Discussing Themes & Threads
  105. 105. Practice
  106. 106. Brainstorm How does this IDEA help build the headline story? * Idea for USING STORY CIRCLES IN WALLINGFORD
  107. 107. Story Interviews
  108. 108. Kinds of Story Interviews
  109. 109. Interviews Published Online /
  110. 110. Podcasts & Radio
  111. 111. Multimedia & Video
  112. 112. Object Stories
  113. 113. Asking for Better Stories Fishbowl Role Play GOAL: AUDIENCE: 5 Qs:
  114. 114. * Interview Tips * 1) Be comfortable & prepared 2) Ask Good Questions 3) Ask Good Questions Well 4) LISTEN! 5) Ask that last question — What did I miss?
  115. 115. Permissions Questions
  116. 116. Comparing Story Interviews to Story Circles How do they match your goals & community?
  117. 117. Story Interview Projects for Wallingford
  118. 118. Oliviu Stolan Take-Aways: The Story of Day One
  119. 119. Workshop #3 Planning the Project Building the Team Reflection on Day One Multimedia Storytelling
  120. 120. Six-word Stories: The Story of March 30 Lessons from Yesterday
  121. 121. One Day In What are you most excited about? What’s Your Biggest Concern?
  122. 122. Your best story from yesterday Retell
  123. 123. What will success look like at the end of the 06492 A Storied Place? And this workshop?
  124. 124. Journey of 04692: A Storied Place What does this place mean to us? What does this place mean to you (or me)? Making a better place for all of us
  125. 125. What change happens in Wallingford if you are successful?
  126. 126. The Power of the Screen (Big & Small) in Community Storytelling
  127. 127. Reality Speaks
  128. 128. Choices, Choices MEDIA
  129. 129. Capacity & Engagement
  130. 130. The Power of The Visual Story
  131. 131. prnewswire
  132. 132. Wallingford Visual Story Exercise e the story of What Makes Wallingford Wallingford with the images SHARE & READ BACK Part Two: Create the same story using my images only SHARE & READ BACK rt Three: Use images from Part One and Two to Revise Your Sto PRESENT
  133. 133. The Power of Humor & Whimsy (& Brevity) by=sterlingcollegevt
  134. 134. In the moment, of the moment
  135. 135. Simple Two-Media Stories
  136. 136. Using for text overlay stories
  137. 137. Postcards
  138. 138. Putting your postcards online
  139. 139. Using for Posters, Postcards & Social Media Visual Stories
  140. 140. Text & Image: Longer Form for Blogs & eBooks
  141. 141. Quick Smartphone Video to Bring You Up Close
  142. 142. Groundwork Design
  143. 143. Editing on the Go
  144. 144. Adobe Spark Video A free iPad/iPhone App DIY ANIMATED STORIES
  145. 145. Questions You’ll Need to Answer (In addition to Media & Channel)
  146. 146. Gathering the Stories: Who’s Going to Do It? How?
  147. 147. Meeting people where they are
  148. 148. How will you organize & share stories?
  149. 149. Mobilization Lab
  150. 150. New Reality Seeing the FULL Project as a Story Nesting Smaller Story Projects
  151. 151. Stocking a Story Bank New Reality
  152. 152. Story Bank Now Later We Need We Have
  153. 153. Project Kitchen
  154. 154. You will present what you propose to ea, for whom, who will do it, the timeline to get it done, and wha
  155. 155. by Chameleon Design Project for Goal # 1 Project for Goal #2 Matching Projects with Goals & Audience Project for Goal #3
  156. 156. Planning A Story Project
  157. 157. What’s your top goal for this project?
  159. 159. Goal Audience Channel(s) Media Stories for Impact Capacity
  160. 160. PROJECT TYPES: CHOOSE ONE (or a Hybrid) EVENTS LOCATIVE PROJECTS Participatory Digital Projects Collected Digital Projects
  161. 161. Project Planning
  162. 162. Five-minute Story-Project Story Pitches Designing a Storytelling Project Dave Sime
  163. 163. If you were 10x bolder, what would you try out Yes and…
  164. 164. BraveBros.Noun Project Draw the Journey of 06492: A Storied Place Rivers to cross? Mountains to climb? Smooth sailing? Bridges to build? Big Campaigns Small Stories Where’s the Fun?
  165. 165. @choconancy
  166. 166. Next 30 Days
  167. 167. Building a Team
  168. 168. OUTREACH
  170. 170. Oliviu Stolan Take-Aways
  171. 171. QUESTIONS? Be in touch! Barbara Ganley Vermont Story Lab: Community Expressions:

Editor's Notes

  • Something in your pocket. Debrief — what happened?

    Your Wallingford Story. Be ready to share orally a 2-minute story of an experience you've had that illustrates what makes Wallingford Wallingford to you. Perhaps you had an experience at school, or out in nature, or on your travels, or with your family, or you saw something or heard someone else's story that links you to your community. We want to hear it!
  • 2. Your Wallingford Story. Be ready to share orally a 2-minute story of an experience you've had that illustrates what makes Wallingford Wallingford to you. Perhaps you had an experience at school, or out in nature, or on your travels, or with your family, or you saw something or heard someone else's story that links you to your community. We want to hear it!

    3. Bring an object that has something to do with Wallingford.

    4. Take five photos that reveal or suggest qualities that you appreciate about Wallingford. Send the photos as .jpg attachments to Barbara at by March 26.

    5. Write a short letter to Wallingford about your dreams for its future. 100 words maximum. Send it to Barbara at by March 26.
  • And this one? Shared experience of place…Celebration Common Ground
  • A view in. What would a project “A Day in the Life of Wallingford? look like?
  • Poster project
  • Why is this story so successful?
  • Each group come up with a project: why, for whom, with whom, length, capacity
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