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Cabin fever - Shane Morrison [Loxton-Geranium-Tooleybuc MRU]


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Tractor Cabin Health

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Cabin fever - Shane Morrison [Loxton-Geranium-Tooleybuc MRU]

  1. 1. Cabin Fever!! 153 Lime Avenue Mildura VIC 3500 t 03 5022 0955 Presented by Shane Morrison
  2. 2. • Any activity which requires a person to exert force in order to lift, lower, push, pull, carry move, hold or restrain any person, animal, object or thing. • Manual handling does not necessarily require dynamic movement, but may also involve static loading such as sustained postures. Manual handling Definition Carrying Lifting Pushing Holding Repetitive actions Sustained postures
  3. 3. •Manual handling also involves prolonged and repetitive movements/positions/postures. •Frequent breaks or modifying position or simple movements need to occur to disperse load accumulation •Ensure correct postures are maintained and place yourself in most optimal position Manual Handling: Not just heavy lifting!
  4. 4. Injury statistics 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Upper arm Eye Forearm Chest (thorax) Neck Lower leg Elbow Abdomen & pelvic… Foot & toes Wrist Ankle Non-physical… Knee Shoulder Hand, fingers &… Back - upper or lowerBodilylocationofinjuryordisease Percentage of serious claims
  5. 5. Most Commonly Injuries occur due to: • Fatigue • Time: Doing things too quickly • Poor Manual Handling Practice • Poor risk assessment (load, height, position) • Poor posture (often over a long period of time)
  6. 6. Posture
  7. 7. Standing Sitting
  8. 8. What can we do to help? • Maintain good posture • Correct manual handling techniques • Keep moving • Stretch where needed
  9. 9. Fundamental movements and positions
  10. 10. Stretching Wellness and Lifestyle 2015 Why Stretch? • The main purpose of stretching is to increase flexibility and maintain muscle balance on either side of a joint • Without stretching muscles will gradually lose flexibility and may fail to respond effectively during activity • Stretching enables physical and mental preparation, reduce tension, promote circulation and assist with coordination for free and easy movement • Reduce strain on muscles, joints and other structures What to Stretch? • Stretch what is needed • Reverse what you have been doing
  11. 11. Exercises and Stretches • Back stretches • Neural stretching • Upper limb stretches • Hourly if possible • Stretch what is needed
  12. 12. Take home messages • Be aware of postures and positioning. • Stretch to help prevent injury • Static postures are just as dangerous as heavy lifting. • Balanced movement is King.
  13. 13. 153 Lime Avenue Mildura VIC 3500 t 03 5022 0955 thanks to Wellness and lifestyle services ( Worksafe Victoria