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Games and empathy


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FCL - Spring Webinars

Published in: Education
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Games and empathy

  1. 1. Using digital games to learn and practice empathy FCL SPRING WEBINARS MAY 9TH 2019 "...and fiction gives us empathy: it puts us inside the minds of other people, gives us the gift of seeing the world through their eyes. Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over.” Neil Gaiman
  2. 2. Aleksander Husøy  Teacher of English and Social Sciences  Advisor on Games and learning  Blog and podcast on games and game culture in education:   Podcast:
  3. 3. Empathy? From video games? Right….
  4. 4.  Literature allows you to experience life through the eyes of the «other»  Digital games offer the same affordance but also allows you to act in the other’s place.
  5. 5. Mr. Husoy’s principles for teaching with games Treat games like you would treat any other medium Would you prefer using the «EDU» version of Hamlet? Would you use Schindler’s List as a reward for good behavior? Would you expect a novel to educate by its mere presence? The classroom teacher is responsible for educational design Game developers can be excellent at development. Nobody knows your classroom like you do. Learning takes place through meaningful interactions between Student and game Student and teacher Student and student
  6. 6. • The game is important • Even more important is the educational context where you use the game
  7. 7. Impossible field trips  Games allow my students to  Visit unaccesible places  Experience situation beyond their imaginations  Emotionally connect with lives seemingly very different than their own
  8. 8. Impossible field trips continued  The primary purpose of games does not have to be entertainment. Games allow us to experience  The life of civilians in a city under siege  Being a child suffering neglect  Bullying, racism and ostracism  Life on the verge of poverty  …
  9. 9. Some examples from my classroom  Discuss/Reflect upon the following statements:  We are at all times responisble for our own actions.  It is never acceptable to break the law.  I have a personal responsibility to help others – Even if that incurs a significant personal cost.
  10. 10. Resources  – Most of what you need to know to get started with game pedagogy  Excellent (and free) browser games relevant to Social and emotional learning:  – Living on the verge of poverty in the US  Loneliness – VERY short and simple game about the importance of community  The Evolution of Trust – The value of social trust in a society  Contact me:   @Alhusoy
  11. 11. Questions?