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BDC_CoP_271119 - Getting started with learning plans: developing your digital capabilities


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A presentation entitled 'Getting started with learning plans: developing your digital capabilities' delivered at the Jisc Building digital capability community of practice event, 27th November 2019 by Paul Chin from the University of Hull.

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BDC_CoP_271119 - Getting started with learning plans: developing your digital capabilities

  1. 1. Paul Chin Head of Graduate Development Services Developing your digital capabilities Learning Plans Getting started with…
  2. 2. Promoting digital capabilities for continual development What are we proposing?
  3. 3. Personal Learning plans What are we doing?
  4. 4. Academic Support Tutors What are we developing?
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Four questions were planned: • Describe any benefits of developing Digital Capability (DC) learning plans • Describe any problems of introducing DC learning plans • Provide alternative ideas for delivering DC learning plans • Provide alternatives to DC learning plans for promoting digital capabilities Due to logistics of room, participants gave responses to some of the questions so the general feedback is provided on the following slides Feedback comments from workshop
  8. 8. (make the learning plans) more contextualised – perhaps module specific skills Make alignment to DC framework clear Ask students to access different resources rather than just books Make it clear to students ‘why’ they are learning these skills LinkedIn earlier – 1st year Digital identity – 1st year (understand implications of Facebook and social media Use of more professional tech – teams etc. Workshop feedback (1 of 4)
  9. 9. Student engagement and motivation. Who develops and progresses these plans? Selling the benefits of engagement to staff and students Getting different university departments to collaborate e.g. IT and learning techs Getting senior management to see that any digital capability strategy is needed! Does institution have organisational capacity to deliver a personalised learning plan? Workshop feedback (2 of 4)
  10. 10. Have more than 3 ‘to dos’ Use of language – good that student oriented but needs refinement 1st year – make more ‘digi’ focussed – desktop research? What is the outcome for students? A digital badge? Delivered via a VLE – analytics Digital badge for completion? Employability scheme, rewards for completion? Workshop feedback (3 of 4)
  11. 11. A few thoughts How will the DC plan be framed? What’s the motivation/incentive for following the plan? Who will be monitoring completion? Does this need embedding in the curriculum? Workshop feedback (4 of 4) Recognition Signposting, benefits and application What’s in it for me? YES!
  12. 12. Some key points arising from the feedback suggest the following: • Make the learning plans more contextualised/customised to student needs • Institutional buy in is essential • How are then benefits explained – how do we engage students/staff • How do we motivate students – recognition/reward • Who monitors progress Key points
  13. 13. The proposed learning plans have potential to engage students and help develop their digital capabilities but for overall success there would need to be institutional buy in to create a culture and infrastructure to make Digital Capability Learning Plans fully effective. Watch this space… Concluding thoughts