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The culture of you -- It's all business


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This slide deck covers the impact culture (the way we do things around here) has on business success and how to turn it to your favor.

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  • Nicely done- I found this very informational and timely.
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The culture of you -- It's all business

  1. 1. The Culture of You It’s all business Becoming an excellent business manager
  2. 2. Phil Bride Executive Business Coach Business Process Consultant Business Development (marketing—sales—funnel development)
  3. 3. Culture embeds in everything business Sales—Profit—ROI—Costs—Project Success What do you mean, culture of you? Why behavior patterns matter for business? Really why? What makes up culture? The effects of culture on business Phases of decision making and execution Now, to take advantage of it A process to follow Next steps and an offer
  4. 4. The meaning of culture The definition… “…the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc.,” “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in an organization (such as a business)” –Merriam Webster “The way we do things around here” And it grows out from the boss “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.” –Investopedia “My business is too small to have a culture.” “I have a mission, vision, values written down…Look right there!”
  5. 5. Take a moment Write down items of “the way we do things around here.” Good Not so good items
  6. 6. Very organized, efficient group saving the stream. Dead fish in stream
  7. 7. Why behavior patterns matter Day-in, day-out SMALL • Reactions • Decisions • Behaviors Make or break a business Rule of 3 Inconsistencies Mixed messages No direction Unclear communication Poor beliefs, attitudes Baggage Lack of clarity for business
  8. 8. What recurring issues do you experience? The same issues keep occurring. Take a couple minutes. Write them down.
  9. 9. The Culture of You Your Strengths Your Talents Your Weaknesses Your Blind Spots Your Biases Your Values Your Wants Your Behavior patterns, Decision patterns
  10. 10. Effects on Business Success Subtly and Strongly Impacts … Growth, Sales Project success Operations effectiveness and efficiencies Vendor and sub relationships Safety and DART rates Customer Relations ROI and Profit TTE
  11. 11. What do you want changed? List 1-4 things in your job, business you want changed. What are you willing to do to get it?
  12. 12. Fraud Triangle Opportunity Pressure Rationalization Costs go up Profit fades Shortfalls occur More time spent Shrinkage occurs Outright theft occurs
  13. 13. The path downhill Manager makes inconsistent statement that seems blaming multiple times. Employee: Key people hear it. Employee: “Is something is brewing.” Employee: “Am I at risk” Employee: Start to look for evidence. Manager swoops in to save day. Employee: “He doesn’t appreciate my skills, respect my effort.” Employee: Over time…Things simmer Another big issue pops up. Owner takes action. Employee: “I’ve got to do something. Get my resume together.”
  14. 14. Phases of Decision Making A lifetime collecting Experiences Beliefs Attitudes Today’s experiences WIIFM Measure it against value Actions Preferred Behaviors Justify them Perceive – Decide - Act WIIFM
  15. 15. Take advantage of this! Get Get disciplined about applying it Fold Fold it into everything you do Embrace Embrace it Accept Accept it Know Know it Understand Understand your SWOT, your Business SWOT
  16. 16. What do people want out of a job? • Salary • Support their family • Benefits • Part of a team • Social environment • Professional development • Part of something bigger • Heard • Contribute • Acknowledged for their contribution • Training
  17. 17. A process to follow Know. Embrace. Double down. Fold it. Nail down what you want Determine your deepest held values Stare down your current situation Create SMART goals Do a Planning process GRCO Become disciplined
  18. 18. Next steps Understand the differences between knowledge, actions, efficiencies, and effectiveness. 1 Get a professional profile done on you. Know it objectively. Embrace it. 2 Sit down with someone who is trained, you can trust, relate to. And leverage it. 3
  19. 19. What is your takeaway? Phil Bride 503-753-9971
  20. 20. How to reach Phil Bride And an offer Events and publications on best practices Publish articles on business practices, management, and leadership Hold monthly webinars on Construction business issues Active in local business community – Active with clients For those interested: - Free 30 minutes talk through your situation. - Professional Profile + 75 minute coaching $250 (normally $500). Phil Bride Executive Business Coach 503-753-9971