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The Power of Communities of Practice CukeUp 2017


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Communities (like the BDD community) are so important to develop expertise, experience and knowledge of a practice. Emily helps organisations build communities of practice centred around roles that benefit the members of that community and the organisation that they sit in. In this talk, she'll talk about what makes a community successful and what you can do to start your own in your organisation.

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The Power of Communities of Practice CukeUp 2017

  1. 1. The Power of the Community of Practice Cukeup 2017 Emily Webber @ewebber /
  2. 2. What value do you get from talking to people that do the same role as you? @ewebber
  3. 3. Hello. I’m Emily @ewebber
  4. 4. @ewebber
  5. 5. @ewebber Building Successful Communities of Practice Discover How Connecting People Makes Better Organisations
  6. 6. PhotobyMartinDeutsch We are wired to connect with other people @ewebber
  7. 7. PhotobyJonathan @ewebber “Absence of support is taken as a sign of mass rejection” Matthew D. Lieberman Social: Why our brains are wired to connect
  8. 8. @ewebber
  9. 9. @ewebber
  10. 10. @ewebber Programme Programme
  11. 11. Insular teams can become echo chambers and display group think @ewebber
  12. 12. Photobyjoinash @ewebber <homogenous group name> 
 are rubbish at ….
  13. 13. @ewebber Programme Programme Whatyoudo How you do it Community of practice
  14. 14. A Community of practice “…groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” Wenger-Trayner @ewebber
  15. 15. PhotobyEmoryMaiden Learning is done better when it’s done together @ewebber
  16. 16. @ewebber PhotobyRufino “From observing others one forms an idea of how new behaviours are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action” Albert Bandura
 Social Learning Theory
  17. 17. PhotobyGutsGaming @ewebber
  18. 18. With a support network people can really fly @ewebber
  19. 19. PhotobyStewartButterfield Community brains hold community knowledge @ewebber
  20. 20. The Knowledge iceberg @ewebber
  21. 21. The Knowledge iceberg @ewebber
  22. 22. PhotobyJonathan Collaboration is about building better things together @ewebber
  23. 23. @ewebber “Human communities can develop a sort of collective intelligence that is greater than the members’ individual intelligence” Alex Pentland 
 Social Physics
  24. 24. @ewebber IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  25. 25. @ewebber IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  26. 26. @ewebber The magic IllustrationbyTensoGraphics
  27. 27. PhotobyJThomasHawk We have a louder voice when we speak together @ewebber
  28. 28. Now you have an opportunity @ewebber
  29. 29. @ewebber StartwithWhy,SimonSinek
  30. 30. Photobyillustir It has to meet the members’ needs @ewebber
  31. 31. Have some community values that you as a community agree to @ewebber
  32. 32. Creating a shared backlog of work meant we could work together to make things better @ewebber
  33. 33. Photobyfr4dd Retrospect regularly to make sure it keeps meeting members’ needs @ewebber
  34. 34. PhotobyAlexHowe @ewebber
  35. 35. Thank you Emily Webber @ewebber /