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Andy McNeish: Our Little Monsters - How Language Professionals Need to Think About Their Own Language


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Andy McNeish: Our Little Monsters - How Language Professionals Need to Think About Their Own Language

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Andy McNeish: Our Little Monsters - How Language Professionals Need to Think About Their Own Language

  1. 1. ©Eaquals Eaquals International Conference | Madrid | 11-13 April 2019 #eaquals19madrid My Little Monsters Andy McNeish, Academic Director for YL at IH Madrid
  2. 2. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid My Little Monsters The little……. Marta’s a / the……
  3. 3. Mind your language ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  4. 4. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Metaphor X = Y
  5. 5. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Metaphor matters because it influences decisions by activating analogies. g/transcript
  6. 6. Language is a trap ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid X=Y becomes real
  7. 7. The problems ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Language can trap us Our use of language can make it difficult for us to deal with difficult situations in our classes and in our schools. We confuse children themselves with their behaviours
  8. 8. Our Little Monsters
  9. 9. Solutions? ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid How we can use language effectively to help us resolve difficult situations in class. How we can use language effectively to communicate with parents, students and colleagues.
  10. 10. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  11. 11. The way you frame things ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Rule reminder Deferred consequence Put the scissors on the table now! (command) Don’t wave the scissors around! Put the scissors on the table (behavioural direction)
  12. 12. Positive phrasing ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid speak English Try asking ‘ How do you say …. in English? Don’t spreak Spanish (L1)
  13. 13. More effective ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  14. 14. How much? ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid 40- 70% Positive phrasing actually works!
  15. 15. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Defensive Negative Nicer?
  16. 16. Pathway / Roadmap ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid How to get from ‘bad’ behaviour to ‘good’ behaviour
  17. 17. What else? ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  18. 18. …but the right kind of praise Well done, you are very clever and got a good mark! characteristics / personality results , out-going and speak a lot. fixed Well done, you worked hard and used the example! •effort •strategy •actions •learnable GROWTH MINDSET labels
  19. 19. GROWTH MINDSET Kids praised for the effort put their success down to their work not their characteristics.
  20. 20. In the future when presented with more difficult tasks learners who have been praised for effort will work harder on them. Kids who have been praise for their intelligence before will give up quicker on more difficult tasks.. Children praised for effort enjoyed the tasks more! They also ask for more feedback – they become better learners!
  21. 21. Recap To make that clear, those with a growth mindset (the kids praised for their effort) tend to: •enjoy tasks more •be more persistent •try more strategies •ask for feedback on how to improve •lie and cheat less on tasks •perform better
  22. 22. Not learning Not trying Not behaving Then we need to help them figure out how do those things
  23. 23. If students are struggling, we can’t just say well done and move on. We need to provide support, scaffolding and help them develop new strategies to tackle tasks. Phrasing it positively! Try looking at this part of the picture. You need to think about this word. Have a look at the example. Sit down and read the instructions.
  24. 24. Recap: We know that we need to foster a growth mind set by praising real effort and providing useful scaffolding. When learning doesn’t take place we need to help students work out new learning strategies and our best bet for that is positive phrasing. We also know that positive phrasing is our best bet for influencing and changing children’s behaviour.
  25. 25. So why is this not happening?
  26. 26. My school reports Tries hard, fails miserably. Is capable but isn’t putting in enough effort.
  27. 27. Your school reports
  28. 28. Language traps Hopeless. Rather a clown in class. He is just wasting other pupils' time. Certainly on the road to failure. He will never amount to anything. John Lennon He has no ambition. He is a constant trouble to everybody and is always in some scrape or other. He cannot be trusted to behave. Albert Einstein Winston Churchill
  29. 29. Revenge French is a foreign language to Fowler. (The Telegraph) The improvement in his handwriting has revealed his inability to spell. For this pupil all ages are dark.
  30. 30. Telling it like it is David is rude and lazy and, if he carries on like this, will fail English.
  31. 31. Our guidelines
  32. 32. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  33. 33. Good, bad, ugly
  34. 34. Is it worth It? Over 90% of parents find the comments useful / very useful. 70% liked that they were personalised.
  35. 35. Is it worth it? No impact on clients but essential Impact on clients and essential No impact on clients and not essential Impact on clients but not essential
  36. 36. critisism
  37. 37. And then there is the desire not to offend, which might come from the teacher or might be an unstated policy. I know of some schools where teachers are only allowed to write reports that are positive and encouraging; to say something vaguely negative could be construed as inappropriate and potentially damaging to a student’s wellbeing. I imagine in the not-too-distant future reports will have to have “trigger warnings”; children and tutors will have to enter “safe spaces” to read them together in order to devise appropriate “strategies” to deal with such upsetting viewpoints. David James, (OFSTED) The Guardian, 2015
  38. 38. Telling it like it is David is rude and lazy and, if he carries on like this, will fail English. David James , Deputy Headmaster, Inspector OFSTED.The Guardian 2015 David needs to work harder and complete written exersises in class. He also needs to do his homework consitently. If he does these things he may still make enough progress to pass this course. David needs to stop using insulting and abusive language including swear words in class. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and David will face further sanctions if he does not modify his behaviour in ways we have discussed.
  39. 39. Joined Up Appraoch
  40. 40. Comment banks Fixed Growth •can be silly… •Is quite shy in a class situation and must learn to value ----- own opinions •Can get over-excited when playimg games in class. ----- needs to practice taking turns •---- can make valuable contributions ---- needs to work on language for giving opinions to gain confidence in class situations TES, ‘Report Comments Bank’,
  41. 41. Behaviour management
  42. 42. Classroom interactions
  43. 43. Professional development You didn’t challenge the students enough with the materials. You need to design materials that challenge the students more for example….
  44. 44. Language is magic
  45. 45. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  46. 46. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  47. 47. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
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  53. 53. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  54. 54. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  55. 55. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  56. 56. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  57. 57. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  58. 58. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  59. 59. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  60. 60. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  61. 61. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  62. 62. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  63. 63. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  64. 64. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  65. 65. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  66. 66. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  67. 67. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  68. 68. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  69. 69. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  70. 70. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  71. 71. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  72. 72. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  73. 73. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  74. 74. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  75. 75. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  76. 76. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  77. 77. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  78. 78. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
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  85. 85. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  86. 86. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  87. 87. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  88. 88. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  89. 89. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  90. 90. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  91. 91. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  92. 92. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  93. 93. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  94. 94. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  95. 95. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  96. 96. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  97. 97. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  98. 98. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  99. 99. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  100. 100. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
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  102. 102. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  103. 103. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  104. 104. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  105. 105. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  106. 106. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  107. 107. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  108. 108. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  109. 109. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  110. 110. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  111. 111. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  112. 112. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  113. 113. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  114. 114. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  115. 115. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  116. 116. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  117. 117. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  118. 118. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  119. 119. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
  120. 120. ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid
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