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Porn: A Social Contagion That Fuses Fear, Shame, and Lust

Presenter: Dr. Judith Reisman

Around the middle of the 20th Century, Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, and others set out to redefine how we saw sexuality. The result has been increasingly hardcore child pornography, available to younger and younger children. And it's not just online; many sex ed courses taught in our schools neurochemically change children's sex drives. Learn the links and how to take action.

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Porn: A Social Contagion That Fuses Fear, Shame, and Lust

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 1 of 5 tables Kinsey published to support his claim that children are sexual from birth 2 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, page 180
  3. 3. 3 “sobbing…(especially among younger children) … extreme trembling, collapse, and sometimes fainting…” boys “suffer excruciating pain and may scream if movement is continued or the penis even touched ....fight away from the partner.” Kinsey said the following were proofs of children’s sexual “climax” Kinsey report,1948, 1993, pp. 160-161 Kinsey: “They derive definite pleasure from the situation.”
  4. 4. NYT Index New Crime Headings Year Heading 1973 “pornography” 1975 “child pornography” 1977 “incest” and “child abuse” 1980 “lust murder” 1982 “child sex rings” 1984 “serial murder” 1986 “autoerotic asphyxia” (strangulation) 1988 “erotic sexual asphyxia” (wife, etc.) 4