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6 Software Architecture Trends from 2019


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6 key software architecture trends from 2019 that you should consider in your architectures moving forward. Mostly thought starters.

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6 Software Architecture Trends from 2019

  1. 1. 6 Software Architecture Trends A Year in Review Travis Gosselin | Principal Software Engineer
  2. 2. NAME OR LOGO Distributed Teams Remote working is the new normal! 2 70% World Work Remotely 13% More Productive Remote-First Advantages Distributed Computing vs Teams
  3. 3. NAME OR LOGO Continuous Deployment Rarer than you think. Culture & Mindset Cost Feature Flags 3
  4. 4. NAME OR LOGO Microservices Microservices are evolving… finally! 4 Cost Preparation Code Reuse Fallacies of Distributed Computing RESTful Dependencies
  5. 5. NAME OR LOGO Cloud Infrastructure Not everyone is in the cloud! Some organizations are trending away from the cloud. Data is Expensive Security Control 5
  6. 6. NAME OR LOGO Consumer Driven Contracts 6
  7. 7. NAME OR LOGO Data Lakes Falling out of favor. Unstructured Schema Production Modeling Data Science & Analysis 7
  8. 8. NAME OR LOGO Move Forward… Don’t Get On Bandwagons Embrace Modularity Focus on Business Value 8 Code Reuse Is Hard