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Accenture Patient Services

Helping Life Sciences companies deliver patient services that improve health outcomes. Visit to learn more.

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Accenture Patient Services

  1. 1. Patient Inspired. Outcomes Driven. PATIENT SERVICES
  2. 2. Industrydisruptionhascreatedanopportunityto PIVOTTOTHENEW NEW CUSTOMERS • Patient as a true customer • Change to go-to-market approaches • Experience as a new currency 1 NEW CLINICAL FOCUS • Biologic + behavioral science • Clinical ‘solutions’ = process + product + services + devices 3NEW VALUE MEASURES • RWE as focal point for clinical and economic success • Basis for new pricing models 2 NEW DIGITAL PRIORITIES • Digital engagement & monitoring • Novel data source & insight powered • Applied intelligence to enable living services for the individual 4 NEW BUSINESS STRATEGIES • Revenue sources beyond product • Fueled by innovation beyond science 5 NEW SCIENCE • Therapy for N of 1 • Step change in level of service with treatment • Digital as part of clinical care 6 Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. 3 Shiftingfromproduct-focusedtodigitallyenabledsolutions THATDELIVEROUTCOMES Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. Payers Health Systems Solutions Physicians Government Products Outcomes Patients
  4. 4. 4 Whatourclientsandpatientsaresayingabout PATIENTSERVICES Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. PHARMA IS INVESTING IN THEM Just 19% patients are aware of the services that pharmaceutical companies offer. Only 40% of HCPs are very aware of patient services shared from pharma companies. 84% of patients believe that pharma companies should be working more closely with patient organizations to help create a seamless patient experience. 85% of pharma companies are increasing their investment in patient-centric capabilities 76% of patients believe pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide services that complement their products. PATIENTS EXPECT SERVICES FEW PATIENTS OR HCPs KNOW ABOUT THEM MORE COLLABORATION IS NEEDED. Read the research here
  5. 5. How: Activate the healthcare community to increase awareness, access, and adherence 5 Wehelpourclientsincorporatethepatientintotheir PRODUCTSANDSERVICES Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. INTEGRATED PATIENT CARE PERSONALIZED COMMERCIAL EXECUTION PATIENT ENGAGEMENT SUPPORT REAL-WORLD OUTCOMES RESEARCH Outcome: Create greater understanding of clinical and economic value Outcome: Improve initiation and compliance to prescribed treatment Outcome: Engage in patient care to support better treatment outcomes Outcome: Personalize experiences & improve commercial effectiveness PRECISION MEDICINE DELIVERY Outcome: Enable data and process integration to ensure coordinated delivery of care against critical timelines How: Drive deeper patient insight for design of studies, services, digital solutions, and commercial agreements How: Helps capture, store, import, standardize and analyze volumes of data for personalized patient treatment delivery How: Enable coordinated patient services which provide improved support for clinical care How: Bring novel data and insights to inform campaign design, content, and channels
  6. 6. Patient Services Operation Models Patient Services Strategy & Value Case Patient Experience Lab Patient Service & Experience Design RWE/Value-based Insight Services Patient Service Performance Management Patient & Provider Engagement Applied Intelligence for Healthcare Patient Service Deployment Patient Service Coordination 6 Ourexpertisehelpsusofferourclientsa UNIQUESETOFCAPABILITIES Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. THINK IMAGINE INFORM DIGITIZE EXECUTE Innovative creative and service design to re-imagine the patient experience and outcomes associated with the new innovative solutions Immersive market research and real- world analytics to guide the direction and capture outcomes of new patient service models Deep domain expertise to shape differentiated patient-value driven strategies and the associated business case. Enablement of new services through digital patient technology platforms and enterprise healthcare system integration Operationalize services & engagement to produce tangible results against patient needs
  7. 7. 7 Creatingbreak-throughpatientsolutions PATIENTEXPERIENCELAB Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. Our novel approach combining data science with social science to connect experiences, evidence and economics for better outcomes DEFINE & ENVISION CREATE & VALIDATE ENABLE & SCALE Ethnography to gain deep human understanding Medical/HEOR models, commercial strategy Ongoing patient & caregiver engagement to adapt & improve Analysis of population data and real world pathways Rapid co-creation in real world settings (physical & digital) Customizable platforms, digital and physical prototyping Identify and articulate the right problem to solve and define the strategy to solve it Create, test and iterate toward an effective solution for a well-defined problem Take a solution to market, optimize and scale for new features / new channels / new audiences
  8. 8. 8 AccenturePatientServices BYTHENUMBERS Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. Over 450 experienced practitioners globally Engaged with 85% of Top 25 Life Sciences companies Serving 15+ million patients in 19 countries & 14 therapeutic areas Global delivery and Innovation centers – Barcelona, Dublin, India, US Presented with the 2018 Frost & Sullivan North American Real-World Evidence Enterprise Solutions Market Leadership Award
  9. 9. 9 Deliveringclinical,patient&economicoutcomeswiththe INTIENTPLATFORM Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. INTIENT Pharmacovigilance (Previously PV First) INTIENT Research Connects researchers with software and service providers to share data and capabilities, and rapidly advance science INTIENT Clinical Helps organizations capture, store, import and standardize diverse and complex data, helping companies run faster clinical trial with better transparency and easier access to trial information INTIENT Pharmacovigilance Embeds real-time artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced operational and scientific analytics in each step of the PV process—from case intake to regulatory reporting and distribution INTIENT Patient Helps life sciences companies better support patients from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment and wellness INTIENT Network Enabling access to a partner ecosystem of digital innovation. Accenture INTIENTTM
  10. 10. 10Copyright © 2019 Accenture. All rights reserved. TheAccenture INTIENTPatient platform:Builtfor thepatientjourney Comprised of five integrated solutions and underpinned by leading technology, Accenture’s INTIENT Patient platform helps life sciences companies better support patients from clinical trials through ongoing treatment and wellness.
  11. 11. INTEGRATED PATIENT CARE PERSONALIZED COMMERCIAL EXECUTION PATIENT ENGAGEMENT SUPPORT REAL-WORLD OUTCOMES RESEARCH Accenture INTIENT Patient platform Supporting patients from clinical trials through ongoing treatment and wellness to deliver better patient outcomes Speeds and improves clinical trials through better patient identification, support, engagement and insight; including adding new digital therapeutics. 11Copyright © 2019 Accenture. All rights reserved. Improves the patient experience and brand performance through “smart” services supporting treatment initiation and management. Improves clinical outcomes and value- based evidence through new ways of supporting patients using RWE, connected devices and precision medicine. Optimizes commercial effectiveness through more personalized HCP and patient targeting, messaging, and interaction. PRECISION MEDICINE DELIVERY Helps organizations capture, store, import, standardize and analyze volumes of data for personalized patient treatment delivery.
  12. 12. 12 AccenturePatientServices INACTION Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. REAL-WORLD OUTCOMES RESEARCH PERSONALIZED COMMERICAL EXECUTION PATIENT ENGAGEMENT SUPPORT INTEGRATED PATIENT CARE Pioneering remote patient monitoring & analytics within COPD and Asthma to support better treatment outcomes. Services across portfolio of rare diseases to find individuals in need of care and support each patient’s unique care needs. Creating global diabetes support services to drive better engagement and long-term patient care. Improving care pathways within neurological disease through standardized real- world data and insight generation. Learn moreLearn more Learn more
  13. 13. 13Copyright © 2019 Accenture All rights reserved. CONTACT US @AccentureLifeSci Tony Romito Accenture Life Sciences, Managing Director, Global Lead— Patient Services Eva Wiedenhöeft Accenture Life Sciences, Managing Director, European Lead— Patient Services FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: