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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/17/17 - Public comments


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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/17/17

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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/17/17 - Public comments

  1. 1. Cerritos Council Meeting Budget Study Session 2 5/17/17 Public Comments 1
  2. 2. Thank you Council! • Frank for asking Calmet contract from the City • For asking for more info on the proposed bill SB 639 by senator Tony Mendoza • Mayor Grace for asking- • whether there will be a sales tax increase later to fund the parks? • Why do we need more parks? Is it for other cities? Are we funding other cities? • Mayor Grace for acknowledging and appreciating residents’ effort to research, study, prepare power point presentations and share ahead of the meeting
  3. 3. 7A - SB 693 – Support, Oppose or Neutral? • – Simple, Elegant, Cool! • Added Q&A for SB 693 • Bookmark NOW! • Use contact button to send us ideas! • Also has Survey comments! • Searchable • Astor, CCPA, School • Waste money, Stop 3
  4. 4. 7A - SB 693 Funding Options? More Sales Tax? • Primarily, the District can receive funding through a park bond (currently SB 5/AB 18). Other potential sources can be available allocations through the general fund or special funds obtained through fines or taxes. • Financing Authority: At this time, the bill provides the District with financial authority which means: • The Board of Directors can adopt a budget (Article 9, Sec. 5788) • The District may impose taxes as alternative revenue (Article 10, Sec. 5789) • The Board of Directors can propose a general obligation bond in the case of outstanding indebtedness (Article 1 1, Sec. 5790)
  5. 5. 7A - City recommends the following options 1. Support SB 693 as proposed by Senator Tony Mendoza 2. Oppose SB 693 as proposed by Senator Tony Mendoza 3. Remain Neutral, to SB 693 as proposed by Senator Tony Mendoza 4. Request amendments to SB 693 as determined by the City Council and provide the appropriate written comments to Senator Mendoza. We recommend option 2 (or 3) to protect Cerritos, avoid residents funding other cities and a potential sales tax increase!
  6. 6. CHASE Closing and Opens at Cerritos Mall!
  7. 7. Relay For Life of Cerritos Artesia - Saturday 5/20 9:30AM – 10 PM • Congrats to the City and Council for recognizing the volunteers and coordinators on 5/8 • Congrats to the City staff for participating in the event • Like us on Facebook @Fix90703 • Join us on Facebook • Show up on Saturday! • Learn more at
  8. 8. City of Cerritos Community Budget Priorities Survey • Were the response taken into account while planning 2017-18 budget? • See the response viewer for evidence! • Search using phrases like Astor, CCPA, stop, Waste money…. • Issues • No security or Checks • No need to enter any answer! • Employees can answer! • Non residents can answer! • One can answer multiple times! • Makes the result useless! • Add security and Checks • Capture email for uniqueness • Address – 18487 Elm Ave • Water account # • We can help! 8
  9. 9. City of Cerritos Community Budget Priorities Survey • What was the purpose of the Survey? • How did you come up with the 20 questions? • No security or Checks. Making it worthless! • When will the survey stop? • 9
  10. 10. Cerritos Council Pay • Overall expenses decreased from $257K to $212K TOTAL for 2017-18 • Personnel expense reduced from $167K to $97K total • Operations & Maintenance expenses increased from $89K to $115K • Five Council members total annual salary $67,590 • $1,127 per month • Cerritos Municipal code says it is $500? • • 2.32.010 Compensation of city councilmembers. • City councilmembers shall be paid a salary in the amount of five hundred dollars per month and shall, in addition, receive the same medical, dental, life, health insurance and retirement benefits, including payment of the councilmember’s required share of the retirement contribution, and wage adjustments as are provided to department heads of the city. • Annual benefits cut down • $100K to $30K -> $1,667 to $500 per month • No more Auto allowance – Good! • Dues and publications $53K annual -> $883 per month! • What are they doing with this? • Travel expense $20K to $50K -> $333 to $833 per month 10
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. • Council election cost $225,000 • Why didn’t City combine Council election with LA county election in March? • How much would have been the savings if we combined them?
  13. 13. 14 CCPA and La Mirada Theatre Comparison of Social Media outreach
  14. 14. 15 CCPA and La Mirada Theatre Comparison of Social Media Campaign
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. Tree City U.S.A - 19th consecutive year! • As evident from these slides, it is clear that visuals are much more effective and powerful to communicate • Can we continue doing this? • Can we NOT print, use a projector instead? From the budget – “The maintenance program facilitated the trimming of 4,650 trees over the past year and helped to earn the City recognition as a "Tree City U.S.A." for the 19th consecutive year” • Less printing, Go Green! • If we are ‘Tree City for 19th time’ let us show it! • Walk the talk! 17