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Margaret Smith Library Library orientation 2018


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Published in: Education
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Margaret Smith Library Library orientation 2018

  1. 1. Margaret Smith Library South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity Contributing to research and teaching in aquatic biodiversity through heritage collections and a global web of data © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  2. 2. With local and international library partners our services and resources serve natural history collections and biodiversity researchers worldwide © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  3. 3. We do not contemplate a separation of the Natural History collections from the other departments of the British Museum as we well know that the cultivation of natural science cannot be efficiently carried on without reference to an extensive library Charles Darwin et al. 1847 © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  4. 4. “Hybrid library” of print and e- resources The Usual Library Books Journals Multimedia e-journals, e-books Databases Web site? Social media? Our Unique Library • Archives of JLBSII & SAIAB • Reprints back to the 1800s • Maps • Pamphlet Collection • Rare Book Collection • Special Collections • Eddie van Dijk Collection • PBN Jackson Collection … © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  5. 5. Shopping for information Factory shop Boutique
  6. 6. Finding what you need
  7. 7. libraries museumsarchives Working together for natural history collections and biodiversity researchers worldwide
  8. 8. Libraries and Archives inform Collections
  9. 9. The Smiths on expedition, 1950s Pinda, Northern P.E.A. (Mozambique) Shimoni, Kenya Seychelles
  10. 10. © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  11. 11. ©2016SallySchrammCC-BY
  12. 12. Why Open Access and social media? • Library comprised of resources and services - not just a building • In Grahamstown, a university town not in a major centre in South Africa • Short opening hours, for local users • Resources to users 24/7 • Services, instruction, teaching 24/7 • Coping with time zones 24/7 • Building SAIAB & library networks • The Library supports citizen science Grahamstown © 2016 Sally Schramm CC-BY
  13. 13. Librarians: the original Search Engines Maditaba Meltaf & Sally Schramm |
  14. 14. Knowledge is free at the Library … just bring your own container You can borrow a book … but you get to keep the ideas