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Game Changing Test to Try Now


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Game Changing Test to Try Now

  1. 1. Game Changing Tests to Try Now Vicki Viera, Account Director June 15, 2017 #lautmandc 1
  2. 2. Who We Work With #lautmandc 2
  3. 3. Setting Up Useful Tests The How, When, Where and Why #lautmandc 3
  4. 4. Why Test? • Move the needle based on program goals • Build on what’s working, change what isn’t • Stay one step ahead of your peers • Testing is FUNdamental! #lautmandc 4
  5. 5. How To Test? • Define your goal BEFORE you test • Test only one thing at a time • Split data proportionally and randomly • Ensure there is enough quantity (and gifts) • Wait long enough for a conclusion #lautmandc 5
  6. 6. When and Where to Test? • As often as possible! • Try and test at least one variable in every campaign • Tests aren’t limited to just Package A vs. Package B • Creative/Design elements • Timing • Donor Segmentation • Prospect Lists (80/20 rule) #lautmandc 6
  7. 7. Tests That are Making a Difference #lautmandc 7
  8. 8. Plain vs. Color OE CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 8 Plain white envelope raised 16% more $$!
  9. 9. No Photo vs. Photo CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 9 Card with no photo more than doubled response and tripled revenue
  10. 10. One vs. Two Stamps CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 10 Two stamps increased revenue by over 30% with minimal cost
  11. 11. Credit Card Security Codes #lautmandc 11 15% fewer gifts – and thousands of dollars in lost revenue – when asking for security code
  12. 12. Address Labels Still Work! CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 12 Including labels renewed 35% more donors with only a $2 dip in average gift
  13. 13. Know Your Donors CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 13 Referencing donors past giving raised 20% more money!
  14. 14. Getting on a First Name Basis CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 14 Added personalization increased response rate and average gift, with 23% more revenue raised
  15. 15. Reminding Them to Renew CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 15 Saying “renew” to donors who hadn’t made a gift yet resulted in 341 more gifts (32%) and nearly $12,000 more revenue (37%)
  16. 16. Timing is of the Essence CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 16 Following up the November Appeal with a year-end ask in December raised twice as much than waiting until January for next ask.
  17. 17. Pushing for Monthly Giving CONTROL TEST #lautmandc 17 Dual Ask Test raised as much money as the 1x Ask Control – but generated triple the number of monthly donors!
  18. 18. Special Requests Control Test #lautmandc 18 Average gift increased by $5 – resulting in 20% more revenue!
  19. 19. Paper or Plastic? #lautmandc 19 The simple perf out card was a clear winner in all segments – achieving a higher response rate and significantly lower costs!
  20. 20. Get Donors Engaged #lautmandc 20
  21. 21. Digital Testing #lautmandc 21
  22. 22. Pros Digital testing let’s you implement winning strategies right away so you can maximize your results! • Test with a segment of file and then roll out with the rest! • If you don’t have enough donors to test a segment, then resend « winning » campaign to people who didn’t open it, or those who received « losing » email. • Or, use your test to help inform future campaigns! #lautmandc 22
  23. 23. Cons Digital donors are fickle! • Test, test and retest! • Tests often have short shelf life online • Be careful about overusing winning tests because their impact might wear off • Pay attention to your inbox and spot trends • Make sure you are using the right metric to determine a winner (i.e. if something boosts open rates but lowers response, it may not be the way to go) #lautmandc 23
  24. 24. Ask Language Matters! RENEW vs. GIVE #lautmandc 24 Segmenting email data can really pay off. Using “renew” versus “give” with the appropriate segments will almost always raise more.
  25. 25. Test Subject Lines PERSONAL vs. HYPER PERSONAL #lautmandc 25 Personalizing the subject line with the donor’s name increased response and revenue. But, when we added in their MRC, it was “too personal.” “Renew Rachel” “Renew for $50 Rachel”
  26. 26. “Nudge” Test #lautmandc 26 Won for prospects – increasing average gift by $3.04. However, it lost for donors – lowering page completion rate by 8%.
  27. 27. Digital • Other things to test online: • Location of donation button – both in email and on website. • Color of donation button • Personalization in subject line and throughout email. • Number of ask options on donation page • Conversational subject lines (like “Following Up” or “Thought you’d like this…”) • Landing page elements (header, image, ask string) #lautmandc 27
  28. 28. Overall Trends • Make people feel special • Keep it simple! • Tried and true techniques • Not just mail … #lautmandc 28
  29. 29. Thank You! Vicki Viera, Account Director – #lautmandc 29

Editor's Notes

  • Other example: August—tested What are you waiting for? Vs. What are you waiting for, Name? Name won significantly at the 99.8% level
    Example showing here—9.23% open vs. 8.08% open