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Menoring with a Mission presentation 3


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This is the 3d presentation of 4 in the series "Mentoring with a Mission." Continue to use the notes with this presentation.

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Menoring with a Mission presentation 3

  1. 1. Keys to Success: Developing a Community for Growth Session 3 By Nicole Miller
  2. 2. Trust and confidentiality “Girl’s don’t like to be talked about, especially by adults. A girl feels so deeply betrayed if she hears that other adults have discussed her activities, character, or thoughts .” -Growing Godly Women p. 30
  3. 3. Discuss -How confidentiality builds trust and allows for a safe place: -What are barriers to confidentiality: -Work out how these barriers can be overcome:
  4. 4. “It takes a teenager an average of 2 years to deeply trust an adult. Most youth leaders or mentors give up after only 18 months. They never receive the benefits of deeply established love and trust. Those who do should honor and guard this trust as the precious gift it is.” -Growing Godly Women p. 30
  5. 5. Share experiences you have had with being trusted well or not being trusted: -What was the experience? -What steps did you take to be trustworthy? -What was the end result?
  6. 6. Trust “I allow the girls to fail. I don’t do their jobs for them. After showing them what to do and how to do it, I let it go while still supervising.” -Growing Godly Women p. 31 Part of encouraging trust in a mentoring environment is not only being trustworthy but trusting those to whom you are ministering.
  7. 7. Trust What does it look like to trust the girls in your group? What does it look like not to trust them? Share any stories that you have about trusting girls to make their own decisions. Good or bad:
  8. 8. Steps to Safety 1. Respect the wall 2. Honor others 3. Suspend Judgment 4. Value Differences 5. Be trustworthy
  9. 9. Steps to Safety 1. Respect the wall People build walls because they feel threatened. Approach the wall with sensitivity and understanding. Don’t bulldoze it. Take the time to understand why the wall is built in the first place.
  10. 10. Steps to Safety 2. Honor others See every single person you minister to as an Image bearer of God and treat them accordingly, especially those who push your buttons and try your patience.
  11. 11. Steps to Safety 3. Suspend Judgment Express genuine interest in what is being said. Listen with both your ears and your heart. Be willing to see others point of view.
  12. 12. Steps to Safety 4. Value Differences Think about people who irritate you. Think of specific behaviors that bother you. What are some good things about these behaviors. Sometimes it just takes us time to see how differences can be a good thing, but diversity helps us all.
  13. 13. Steps to Safety 5. Be trustworthy Trustworthy to yourself, act in ways consistent to your own value and vulnerability. Trustworthy to others treating them in a way consistent with their value and vulnerability
  14. 14. Discuss with those around you how these 5 steps to safety encourage an environment of trust.