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How Scrum Transformed Our Business Model


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Scrum has been recognized as an agile framework for completing complex "projects". However, once an organization starts to feel the benefits of working with it, the journey starts to change the whole business model perspective.
Scrum not only changes how to develop "projects", it pushes the company to approach business and clients in a different way adding great value to all parties involved.

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How Scrum Transformed Our Business Model

  2. 2. What changed? Selling PROJECTS using Specifications § Success measured in quantity of work Selling VALUE using Scrum § Success measured in happiness
  3. 3. Why change? Working harder to produce less quality work and make less money § Projects never on-time or on budget § Change management was a headache § Clients never happy with results § Staff never happy with results
  4. 4. Why SCRUM? 1. Empirical Process Control 2. Self-organization 3. Collaboration 4. Value Based Prioritization 5. Time-boxing 6. Iterative Development Happy staff Happy clients Happy business
  5. 5. Iteration 1 How can we manage projects better? Production (Early 2014) Sales People Business Model
  6. 6. You cant have a project specification and expect teams to work Agile. Iteration 1: Lesson Learned
  7. 7. Iteration 2 How can we SELL projects without a specification? Production (Early 2014) Sales (Late 2014) People Business Model
  8. 8. Resist pressure to supply any type of project specification…its better to walk away from the opportunity! Iteration 2: Lesson Learned
  9. 9. Iteration 3 How can we DELIVER value without a specification? Production (Early 2014) Sales (Late 2014) People (Late 2015) Business Model
  10. 10. Empowerment is powerful! Trust your team and leave them alone. Iteration 3: Lesson Learned
  11. 11. Iteration 4 How can we SELL value instead of projects? Production (Early 2014) Sales (Late 2014) People (Late 2015) Business Model (Early 2017)
  12. 12. When you deliver value to a client everyone wins! happy staff + happy clients happy business Iteration 4: Lesson Learned
  13. 13. Transformation § Project plans/files § Project Managers § Specifications § Groups of Individuals § Results in months § Tasks with timesheets § Work estimated in hours § Free consulting § Fixed price projects § Agile Software & tools § - § Outcomes § Cross functional Scrum teams § Results in days § Sprints & scrum boards § Work estimated in iterations § Paid consulting § Retainer programs
  14. 14. Let’s make #it happen. 69 JOHN STREET SOUTH SUITE 304 HAMILTON, ON L8N 2B9 905_529_6005