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Let the data do the talking


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I was invited to speak at Leeds Big Data Week to talk about how companies including Benenden are redefining the way they collect Big Data to build relationships through increased user engagement and conversion. As part of my presentation I discuss contemporary methods of data collection including ‘premium content’ and ‘freemium’ strategies.

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Let the data do the talking

  1. 1. Let the data do the talking..
  2. 2. New models Fresh challengesChanging consumers
  3. 3. Changing consumers: The data empowered user.
  4. 4. Time Trust Tell Takeover Transaction
  5. 5. Ownership SocialProfiles
  6. 6. New models: The art of collection.
  7. 7. Inferred data Analytics Static HTML Batch processing Multiple logons Static Data driven Identified users Rich user insight Personalised content Real-time SSO/Social login
  8. 8. Pervasive technology Apps / mobile – location data Social – user generated content Search – search queries Web applications & sites - forms Biometrics Browsing data IoT Location based beacons
  9. 9. •Content subscription •Members club •Freemium
  10. 10. Driving identification through a premium content hook Use of social login to avoid password fatigue
  11. 11. Use of social login to avoid password fatigue Regular CTAs to encourage registration
  12. 12. • Inferred • Progressive acquisition • Auto-register • Family / relationship based • Forum comments • Event / time based
  13. 13. Acquiring family data, defining relationships and structures Calculating & presenting pricing based on family data
  14. 14. Fresh challenges: Data distress.
  15. 15. GDPROversharing PrivacyComplex IT ChaosMisuse
  16. 16. Key questions for roundtable.. • What mechanisms for data collection are you using through your digital channels? • What is the biggest challenge you are facing (compliance, technical, commercial, etc)? • What are the most significant opportunities for data acquisition?
  17. 17. References • How much is your data worth article Telegraph 2015 • Data privacy 2015 – what the consumer really thinks – DMA 2015