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Frictionless futures thinking

Frictionless futures draft thinking July 2019

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Frictionless futures thinking

  1. 1. Frictionless future Initial thinking
  2. 2. Definition: “The action of one surface rubbing against another.”
  3. 3. Brands have been thinking of ways to remove ‘pain points’ and create ‘frictionless’ experiences (as if friction is the enemy)
  4. 4. Potential cycle of destruction Obsolescence Commoditisation Lack of differentiation Replacement
  5. 5. Are brands losing memorability? Are we unintentionally destroying engagement?
  6. 6. Are we creating a brandless future?
  7. 7. How did we get in this mess?
  8. 8. Convenience
  9. 9. How are memories actually made?
  10. 10. Daniel Kahneman: Peak End Rule
  11. 11. Building appropriate friction into human experiences “Where memories and emotions are built.”
  12. 12. Creating memorable brands
  13. 13. Surprising & delightful Our own Human Experience research shows that the most engaged audiences are more likely to value emotional drivers such as “being regularly surprised in a good way”
  14. 14. Personal & empathetic By treating customers as human beings and individuals, brands can build connections and create stronger emotional bonds
  15. 15. Personal investment Commitment over instant gratification
  16. 16. Reciprocal relationships Enhanced services for loyalty – the more you put in the more you get back
  17. 17. Engaged employees Delivering exceptional & memorable service
  18. 18. Meaningful, purposeful Playing a more significant role in people’s lives