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Towards a critical art librarianship conference


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Lucy Panesar and Hansika Jethnani slides

Published in: Education
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Towards a critical art librarianship conference

  1. 1. Collaborating for change Hansika Jethnani, Education Officer, Arts SU, and Lucy Panesar, Education Developer (Diversity and Inclusion)
  2. 2. Liberate my Curriculum Arts SU Campaign stemming from UAL SO WHITE
  3. 3. An attempt to map institutional decolonisation by Lucy Panesar Over the past year, in my role as UAL Diversity and Inclusion Educational Developer, I have learnt of much activity that could be seen to be contributing to the decolonisation of the institution. For this zine I attempted to map these, with input from members of the UAL Attainment Network, but I soon realised there were too many examples, of varying natures, to represent in a small printed map. So what you see here is the mere beginnings of an ongoing mapping process, with no names mentioned, as an example of some of the activity taking place at UAL. I invite you to continue mapping with me, in collaboration online. View and edit via this link: CSM have participated in Changing Mindsets. The MA Communication Design course reading list is co-constructed with students annually as part of a Curriculum Development Fund. They have hosted the Open Dialogue exhibition for Afro-Caribbean Artists and Designers and series of student led Open Forums. They host 'A- Forum’ which challenges assessment norms, ‘Public Local’ partnerships, Creative Unions, and a new zine collection and workshop series in the Library. LCF’s new credit framework prompts curricula meaningful responses around ‘diversity’ and ‘internationalisation’. They host Faith + Fashion, Success Talks, and evening lectures by BAME ambassadors. They co-run Hi-Vis with LCC, leading to diversity being the theme of 1st year units. They initiated the first ‘BAME Talent Day’ for prospective teaching staff at UAL and host the Better Lives diversity initiative. Performance run ‘Thinking Differently’ lectures. Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon staff piloted the Inclusive Attainment workshop and are involved in Changing Mindsets. They hosts the Black Arts & Modernism project and ‘perspectives’ lecture series plus the Reading East Asia (READ) group and Decolonising Arts Practice. They supports the student led Cloud Canyons group. LCC host events for Decolonising design and a staff/student Liberate the Curriculum project. Illustration and Visual Media host ‘Small Talks - student identities’. Graphic Media Design hosts the ‘Canon of Graphic Design history’. Sound Design hosts ‘Still Waiting’ and the ‘Hold Tight’ collaborative project around Jeffrey Boakye talk and book design. Staff are involved in a SEED project and Changing Mindsets. UAL hosts the Race Champions Forum, the longstanding Group for Equality of Minority Staff, and en>route programme. The Library is working with Arts Student Union to Liberate the Curriculum. Academic Support is hosting Reading Collections: The African-Caribbean, Asian and African Art in Britain Archive, Creative Library Research workshops, and Hack your Library: Challenging labels workshops. The Teaching & Learning Exchange hosted a Decolonisation workshop and offer the popular Inclusive Teaching & Learning PGCert unit alongside other Inclusivity workshops. The Language Centre have an Intercultural Communications Training Menu. From the forthcoming Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine
  4. 4. LCC Context Previous initiative BA Sound Arts ‘Still Waiting’ Web resource ‘S-A-D-BOYZ’
  5. 5. LCC LTC Process 3. Colombia 1. Nigeria 2. China 4. India Studio Kohl ‘Masala Chai’ (2014) Ciro Guerra ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ (2015) Yue Minjun ‘Execution’ (1995) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ‘Purple Hibiscus’ (2003)
  6. 6. LCC LTC Process