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Get most from Bing Webmaster Tools_BrigtonSEO Sep2019


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Presentation used for BrightonSEO in Sep 2019

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Get most from Bing Webmaster Tools_BrigtonSEO Sep2019

  1. 1. Get the most from Bing Webmaster Tools Rohit Nargunde // Microsoft Bing @bingwmc @rohitn26
  2. 2. “No harm adding these but no need to give your life story, much better to jump into the detail.” @bingwmc About me …
  3. 3. The quest for Intelligent Search to provide timely, relevant results, that searchers can trust @bingwmc
  4. 4. Multiple Perspectives @bingwmc
  5. 5. Multiple Perspectives @bingwmc
  6. 6. Bing is Bigger Than You Think Global Search Share comScore qSearch (custom), March 2019. Microsoft Search Network includes Microsoft Search Network, Yahoo Search (searches powered by Microsoft Search Network), and AOL Search Network 31% 36%United States United Kingdom 17% 23% France 11% 16% Canada 15% 22% Australia 11% 16% Germany 7% 23% 20192015 @bingwmc
  7. 7. Bing Webmaster Tools Mission Help Webmasters maximize their site performance on search Help Bing users find timely, relevant, trustworthy search information @bingwmc
  8. 8. Adaptive URL submission Get your content discovered and indexed in Bing immediately @bingwmc
  9. 9. Did your site content change? Hey, I changed. Everything still ok? Thank you ! LAST CENTURY NEW CENTURY D A Y S D A Y S Less crawl for your site Why: Transforming the paradigm @bingwmc
  10. 10. Why: Transforming the paradigm Day 1: content update Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 1 Hey, I changed. Thank you ! LAST CENTURY NEW CENTURY Real/ Near time indexing @bingwmc
  11. 11. How to tell us about new URLs 1 Get your Bing Webmaster tools API ID 2 Submit URLs in batch or online mode Example using wget 3 Write to us, if you want to increase the quota beyond 10,000 urls/day wget.exe " f23bea715e61436" --header="Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8" --post- data="<SubmitUrl xmlns=""><s iteUrl></siteUrl><url> eo</url></SubmitUrl>" @bingwmc
  12. 12. Site verification simplified Performance reports Submit Site information Diagnostics Option 1 XML file authentication Option 2 Meta tag authentication Option 3 Add a CNAME record to DNS @bingwmc
  13. 13. BWT supports Domain Connect Standard @bingwmc TM – Logos are trademarked by respective company
  14. 14. BWT supports GSC Import Import your verified sites and sitemaps Get same access privileges as GSC to view Bing data @bingwmc
  15. 15. Get content indexed immediately Add your site using Domain Connect DNS verification Add your site using Google Search Console Import Summary @bingwmc
  16. 16. Thank You @bingwmc @rohitn26