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Class 3


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Class 3

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Class 3

  1. 1. Henrik Scheel Founder & CEO Co-founder agreements, Revenue models and MVP experiments
  2. 2. Roles and responsibilities Equity ownership and vesting IP assignment
  4. 4. TASKS • More details on your market (know the numbers for TAM-SAM-SOM), • Work on your Marketing Copy (the description of your product (You will need a full description of your product + mock-up pictures/wire frames for your landing page later this week) • Team 1: you should be getting equipment donated at this point, have you already? You need to get buy-in from coaches and talk to parents about your idea to get feedback on key features, pain points etc. • Team 2: You need to talk to sports physicians, coaches, athletes, parents to learn more about the specific metrics you want/need to measure to create value. Especially you need to get buy-in from the coaches that this is something they would use (why/why not), and how they would use it. What key features would they want, what is the ideal user interface/user experience. You also need to do more competitive analysis and find out exactly what other products are on the market today + the new trends in terms of advanced sensors etc. • Both teams: TALK TO CUSTOMERS
  6. 6. Reflections Send me an e-mail with your reflections on your work throughout the past weeks. • What challenges have you faced? • How did you deal with these challenges (you and the team)? • What have you learned from the experience so far? • How well are you and the team working together so far? • What can you improve as a team?
  7. 7. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right!” Henry Ford Henrik Scheel Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey!