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Fluxxmag3 150dpi


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Fluxxmag3 150dpi

  1. 1. fluxx|mag3 transgender erotica | sexually explicit | adults only!
  2. 2. Transgender revenge story by morgana
  3. 3. she is pissed, andy, she is pissed. she hired a private dick, you know, and he took photos, a lot of photos of you and ada together.
  4. 4. she even put up cameras inside your home. there you are getting your cock drained by your maid. and you can se her big tits bouncing as you fuck her from behind. she has all the proof she needs now to divorce you and take all her money with her.
  5. 5. she is willing to make a deal, however. she wants you to volunteer for the new memory matrix transfer pod her company is developing. you become the maid, and she becomes you. and you will stay that way for the rest of your life.
  6. 6. and yes, and i am speaking off record now, the alternative is death. you know that she did not get where she is by playing fair. she is mafia, all through, and you have always known that. and yes, she wants a movie of you playing with your big tits. i cannot wait to see it, you know. the very idea turns me on.
  7. 7. are you ready, charlene? i am ready. pete, are you ready to do your job? sure! lets do this!
  8. 8. you'd better do your job, you too andy, if you want to live. please let me go! listen, you do not need to do this to me. no i don’,t! but i will. smile to me girl!
  9. 9. "that is better. show me your tits!" "it must be strange for a male athlete like yourself to see something that feminine on your chest." "i want you to touch them."
  10. 10. "Lift them up to me and let me see you enjoy them." "was my tits too small for you, andy? was that why you betrayed me?" "lick them!"
  11. 11. "you like that, don't you?" "maybe i will have pete knock you up, so that you can have a kid drinking from that tit!" "sit down!"
  12. 12. "i want you to play with yourself!" like this?
  13. 13. "spread your legs and touch your cock!" "how does your vulva feel, andy. smooth, eh? play with your pussy for me, girl..."
  14. 14. "soft tit, soft pussy, soft and silky hair. pretty arousing, isn't it. i suppose there is still a man in there somewhere, enjoy that part of this game."
  15. 15. "he will be gone before this evening is over."
  16. 16. i cannot believe you have done this to me. where is my body now? "Ada plays the role of you know, my loyal playboy husband. she does what i tell her to and keeps me happy in bed. she has been a woman, you know, and knows what pleases one like me. you will too, soon."
  17. 17. hi andy, you seem to be starting to enjoy your new body. seriously pete, you are my friend. stay away from me. he may be your friend, andy, but he is my brother and knows what is best for him. will you give us a break, can't you see he is trying to adapt.
  18. 18. well look at you, you small, small voluptuousness please leave me alone. yeah, sure, and end up like you. i am going to explore this new body of yours.
  19. 19. you want me to fuck my old friend, eh? that's awkward. "yes it is. that is the point"
  20. 20. don't worry, andy. i will be kind. you smell so good. "it is 'pink is in the air' by mandarine duck. i am glad you like it!"
  21. 21. oh!
  22. 22. "use some oil on her tits, will you?"
  23. 23. you like that, don't you? look at them, they are yours now.
  24. 24. oh, pete, stop! why don't you let him fuck your tits, andy?
  25. 25. oh god! "look at that contrast, baby. your big tits embracing his big cock." "we want you to suck his cock, ok..."
  26. 26. i can't. "well, if you can't, i have a man outside the door carrying a gun." "yeah, that is a sweet girl."
  27. 27. "take of her panties, pete..."
  28. 28. "look at me, andy, look at me while he pushes his cock inside you..."
  29. 29. "can you feel how he stretches the walls of your love cavern?"
  30. 30. "it is all becoming real now, isn't it?"
  31. 31. hi little girl! are you starting to like it now? "turn her around, pete, and fuck her doggie style. Andy love to fuck me from behind, it gave him some sense of masculine power, i believer."
  32. 32. "yeah, i know. you used to be big and hard and in control, so this must be an interesting change for you."
  33. 33. how can you do this to me, pete?
  34. 34. you know how she is. if i do not do this, she will punish me severely. besides, you didn't say no to fucking this sweet, sweet body, so why should i?
  35. 35. i really love that sound of your moaning, babe. now ride that cock, darling!
  36. 36. oh my god! oh yeah!
  37. 37. oh, oh, oh, oh my god, oh! "that's better, girl. now, pete, come all over her wonderful tits!"
  38. 38. are you happy now? "oh yes, baby, i am very happy now." damn you!
  39. 39. "no honey, you are the one being condemned here. although, who knows, you may come to enjoy being a girl." Ada sanchez
  40. 40. Classic Captions
  41. 41. "I am surprised, I really am. I mean, look at him! He is totally caught up it this, enjoying every minute of it. Of all the men we have changed, I believed Andy would be the one to resist us the most. I mean, he is the coach of the football team, for gossake! How more manly can you get?" "You never know about these things, do you?" "Ain't that a truth!You never know what's hidden in a man's heart." "Ah well, I guess he will fetch a good price at the Omanian market." "Hm, I think we have to help out Mark in there. He is going to explode. Hey Mark! Will get on with it! Fuck her! We have three more waiting!" "Maybe we should help him out?" "Yeah, maybe..."
  42. 42. transgender erotica by xingxing
  43. 43. since theresa found that book of spells she had used it to switch bodies with many of her girlfriends, causing chaos at my school and in many homes. this is the only spell she has mastered so far. she would have beatrice take her exam for her, posing as her, while theresa, would help beatrice out by impressing a boy beatrice fancied.
  44. 44. what beatrice did not understand was that theresa fucked that boy while in beatrice’s body. well, beatrice lost her virginity and she wasn’t even there! yesterday she brought the book to me. i tried to help her make some of the other spells work, but we failed miserably. it was then she came up with the idea. She wanted to swap bodies with me and go exploring the life of a teenage boy. i said no, of course. if that came out my reputation would be ruined for ever. but sam, you will be able to see all of me, naked!
  45. 45. she wanted to experience what it feels like to have a hard-on, she told me. for some peculiar reason that turned me on. she let me smell her hair. you can do it! so here i am, taking selfies so that i can remember this moment forever. i am wearing the sexy body of theresa. god, she is so hot, in her tiny body and with her soft baby- face.
  46. 46. i had tried to make her my girlfriend. she liked me, i know. But i am too young for her, apparently. she wants more experience guys, like billy, her boyfriend. i bet she will be getting laid tonight, in my body. my biggest fear is that she will try to seduce andy. i caught her watching gay male porn once. i am starting to realize that girls are not what they pretend to be.
  47. 47. well, i can at least enjoy the intimate details of her body. look at that perky ass! “And you can play with my tits and with my pussy!” that’s what she said.
  48. 48. wow, big clit moment!
  49. 49. my, all these folds. soft, soft… i can feel my nipple and clit connecting!
  50. 50. mmmmmm.
  51. 51. there is someone at the door. a key in the lock. dammit, i was supposed to be alone here! seriously, theresa, you “forgot” to tell me your boyfriend was coming over, insisting that i should stay at your place? billy, i do not know what to say… my sweet little girl was so horny that she could not wait for me?
  52. 52. you smell so good. this is awkward. i am going to freak out. but he is good. he knows where to touch me. and i have not noticed that men can smell good too before. but baby, you are all wet.
  53. 53. if only he could stop playing with my pussy. or if only he could push his finger…. oh god, do not go down that road. what’ s this honey? i haven’t seen you play with your tits in this way before.
  54. 54. i am playing with my tits, stupid, because they are brand new to me.
  55. 55. oh my god!
  56. 56. but wait, if he is this good to me, that means he expects me to… what the fuck am i going to do?
  57. 57. if i don’t he will become suspicious. salt. soft and hard at the same time. musky. but i like the idea that he is so hard because of me. he lusts after me.
  58. 58. i am going to lose my virginity tonight.
  59. 59. he is going to put this big hard cock inside me. why does that excite me so?
  60. 60. oh my god. this is it. he wants to fuck me. i am so small compared to him. if he forced himself on me, i could not stop him. that is scary in a… arousing kind of way. there is no way all of that will fit inside me. i am scared.
  61. 61. oh fuck, i can feel him, deep, deep inside me. and he just does what he wants with me. he does not expect me to do anything. and my tits, my tits. i love holding them. they tell me i am all woman right now.
  62. 62. and i can see it in his eyes. i am all woman to him as well.
  63. 63. fuck, i am starting to like him. why haven’t i seen how attractive he is before?
  64. 64. he worships me. what an amazing feeling.
  65. 65. i am falling for a man. what a mess! this is the best feeling ever! are you ok, baby? you are a bit distant today. i am ok!
  66. 66. i was more than ok. i love you, baby! i love you too.
  67. 67. you do, do you? oh dear, theresa had never told him. maybe she didn’t love him.
  68. 68. sorry about that. i just like the look of it. ah, men!
  69. 69. main erotic imagery by for more transgender erotica, visit