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About The Digital Insurer


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A short overview of The Digital Insurer . Please contact us for information on how we can help your company

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About The Digital Insurer

  1. 1. Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital   transformation  of  insurance 1
  2. 2. 2 The  world  of  insurance  is  changing  rapidly… Industry  late  to  change.  Barriers  to   entry  falling  fast Consumer  dis-­satisfaction  -­ one  of   least  trusted  sectors Major  tech  disruptions  ahead Rising  protection  &  savings  needs   present  big  opportunities  for  winners Incumbents  struggling  to  keep   informed  &  change` Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  3. 3. 3 “We  always  overestimate  the  change  that  will   occur  in  the  next  2  years  and  underestimate   the  amount  that  will  occur  in  the  next  10”   Bill  Gates Change  can  be  hard  to  manage Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  4. 4. 4 A  fundamental  shift  in  the  role  of  insurers   is  underway There  will  be  more  insurance  innovation  in  the  next  5  years  than  we  have  seen   in  the  last  50 Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  5. 5. 5 What  we  do  @  The  Digital  Insurer  (TDI) The  global  knowledgebase  &  community  for  digital  insurance Partners Insurers InsurTech Investors We  are  fully  vested  into  all  things  digital   insurance: • Information  services • Media  &  thought  leadership • Webinars  and  conferences • Advisory  &  BD  partnerships • Building  new  digital  businesses • A  global  community  of  20,000  subscribers Information Engagement Execution  &   Analytics   Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  6. 6. 6 What  we  do Information  +  Engagement  on  a  global  basis Library In  Action Newswire • Regular  webinars  attracting  300-­700  registrations  for  each  event • Annual  Digital  Insurer  conferences • Informal  and  sponsored  meet-­ups  and  roundtable  events • See  Appendix  for  more  information  on  knowledge  content  @  TDI Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  7. 7. 7 Demand-­led  on  solutioning in  areas   such  as  Board  &  ExCo  Advisory,  BD   support  and  fund-­raising,  with  partners   where  possible Gaining  increasing  recognition   worldwide,  further  strengthening  content   and  connectivity  for  our  community Firm  believers  in  partnering  to  get   further,  faster  together…. Aim  to  continue  investing  in  foundation   layer  (content)  for  benefit  of  all Generating  strong  ROIs  for  all  partners Passionate  team  committed  to  building   a  global  knowledgebase  and  community TDI  Goals  &  Approach Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital   transformation  of  insurance 7
  8. 8. 8 What  we  do SUBSCRIBERS  to  ADVOCATES  to  PARTNERS SUBSCRIBER Joining  as  a  free  subscriber Accessing  Quality  Knowledge  on  Digital  Information COMMUNITY   PARTNER Working  closing  and  using  TDI  services A  range  of  services  to  meet  Partner  needs  at  the  same  time  as   supporting  the  broader  community ADVOCATE Becoming  segmented  advocates  as  part  of  the  TDI  community Individual   advocates Insurers Service   providers InsurTech Venture   firms Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  9. 9. 9 Our  team Hugh  is  the  founder  &  guardian  of  The  Digital   Insurer  and  is  passionate  about  the  use  of  digital   thinking  and  technology  to  transform  the  insurance   industry   Hugh  Terry  (Global  /  Asia) Andrew  is  responsible  for  TDI  in  Africa.  He  is   convinced  that  digitally  based  business  models   are  a  prerequisite  to  making  insurance  benefits   accessible  to  all Andrew  de  Kock (Africa) Andrew  is  responsible  for  TDI  in  AUS  and  NZ.  He   is  our  resident  global  telematics  expert  and  is   always  at  the  forefront  of  technological  innovation Andrew  Dart  (Australasia)   Tom  is  responsible  for  developing  TDI  in  North   America.  He  has  a  wealth  of  consulting  experience   and  is  also  the  editor  of  the  Digital  Insurance   Library  section. Tom  Bobrowski  (North  America) Les  is  responsible  for  TDI  in  Europe.  He  is  able  to   draw  on  over  30  years'  experience  in  the   insurance  industry  with  leading  insurers  and   brokers  as  both  a  senior  executive  and  consultant.   Les  Wong  (Europe) Rick  is  a  thought  leader  within  the  global   InsurTech  startup  community.  Rick  contributes   regular  articles  on  InsurTech  and  is  chairman  of   the  Digital  Insurer Rick  Huckstep  (Global/  Europe) As  COO  Malini  is  responsible  for  content  delivery   and  key  client  relationships  for  TDI.  She  is   fascinated  by  the  potential  of  technology  to   transform  &  disrupt  insurance. Malini  Thakerar  (Global  /  Europe) As  Publisher  &  editor,  Martin  is  responsible  for  TDI   content.  Martin  is  an  award  winning  journalist  with   wide  experience  in  professional  events  including   roundtables,  forums  and  conferences. Martin  Kornacki (Global/  Europe) Simon  is  responsible  for  TDI  in  Asia  and  also  for   Global  Development  .  In  addition  Simon  is  our  in-­ house  blockchain enthusiast.  Simon  has  30  years   experience  in  the  insurance  industry. Simon  Phipps  (Global  /  Asia) Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  10. 10. 10 Performance  metrics INDUSTRY  LEADERS  &  SPLIT • >  50%  of  subscribers  are   decision  makers EMAIL  SUBSCRIBERS • >18,000  email  subscribers • Open  Rate  20%,  CTR  4% • Global    :  Asia  45%,  Europe  30% GEOGRAPHIES • The  Digital  Insurer  is  read  by   decision  makers  around  the  world.   We  are  uniquely  strong  in  Asia  – the   fastest  growing  region  for  insurance   in  the  world TWITTER  FOLLOWERS • We  have  3  active  accounts  with   >12,000  followers LINKED  IN • >  20,000  first  connections • >  400,000  second  connections  from   the  insurance  industry • >  10,000  members  of  TDI   LinkedIn  Group WEBSITE • Avg  page  view/month  ~40,000 • Average  no  of  visitors  >20,000   per  month • Average  time  on  site  ~3  mins Strong  growth  in  email  subscribers Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital  transformation  of  insurance
  11. 11. 11 What  sets  us  apart Worlds  largest  community  on   digital  insurance   News  correspondents  around   the  world Passion  &  collaboration Trusted  &  experienced  perspective   from  industry  practitioners Agility Global  connectivity Worlds  largest  knowledgebase Value-­for-­money  focus   “Congratulations  to  the   digital  insurer  team  in  creating   such  a  vibrant  ecosystem  for  digital   insurance  enthusiasts.  Establishing   a  global  following  and  brand   recognition,  backed  up  with  quality   content  within  such  a  short  amount   of  time  is  impressive  and   much  appreciated!” Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital   transformation  of  insurance
  12. 12. 12 Interested  in  how  we  can  help  you? Working  together  to  accelerate  the  digital   transformation  of  insurance If  you  are  an  insurer  or    tech  company  we  offer  a  range  of  business  development  services To  help  your  accelerate  your  digital  transformation Hugh  Terry  – Founder  – hugh.terry@the-­digital-­ Simon  Phipps  – Global  development  – simon.phipps@the-­digital-­