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Bass launch Presentation Slides


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How does BASS collect Internet bandwidth statistics? What actionable insights can be gleaned?

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Bass launch Presentation Slides

  1. 1. Message from DICT Secretary Eliseo Rio Jr DICT will soon sign a MOU with It will help DICT come up with policies and programs to improve the internet speed of ISPs and Telcos. We need a reliable measuring tool to base our decisions. “I wish all the best of luck and success.”
  2. 2. Message from ISOC
  3. 3. With every one unit increase of ICT access, one sees a 3.7 % improvement in one’s poverty status from 2007 to 2008 and 2010 in the four Eastern African countries Tanzania: One town with the ICT provisions saw poverty level drop to 16.1 % (from 55%), while the other similar town without ICT provisions saw poverty level drop to 38.9 % ICT Usage reduces Poverty Peru: A large cohort who became internet users were compared to non-users of the same period. The household income of internet users were 19% higher than those who remained non-users.
  4. 4. “You get the performance that you measure”
  5. 5. Methodology
  6. 6. CROWD-SOURCED MEASUREMENT DATA OWNERSHIP Core group stewardship Data made publicly available MANAGEMENT OVERHEAD No control over place, time and frequency of tests Recruitment Difficulties PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY CONCERNS IMEI truncation and GPS precision VOLUNTEERS MIGHT BE BETTER THAN EXPERTS Diversity and breadth of ideas and knowledge Tests with different parameters: Distance from Tower, Handset, Operator, Browsers, Mobile OS Larger Groups are likely to uncover issues/bugs Larger Groups map larger areas faster Significant Cost Savings
  7. 7. Magic Quadrant Analysis Crowd SourcedIn house ProprietaryFREE Ookla OpenSignal MLabs Telcos, ISPs Government Agencies ProjectBASS
  8. 8. Measurable Impact – Mobile Internet
  9. 9. Validating Telco Infrastructures
  10. 10. Raw Data for Machine Learning by Data Scientists
  11. 11. Data Viz: Bandwidth Champions per Province over time
  12. 12. Bandwidth Maps per Telco
  13. 13. Analyzing Handset Performance
  14. 14. Gauging Market Sentiments
  15. 15. Beta Testing Public API for Daily Stats Widget
  16. 16. Message from Paul S Orozco To the volunteers, Salamat!, you guys are the heart of this initiative. We all deserve better internet and this collective help from you guys will have huge impact in the long run. To telco operators and decision makers, we so believe Project BASS can really help. It felt really good doing something for our country with you all Thanks too to Manila Bulletin and to the big boys who supported and backed up this project
  17. 17. BASS CORE TEAM (Virtual Collaborators)
  18. 18. #BASSParaSaBayan Are Shareholder Value and Subscriber Satisfaction mutually exclusive? We don’t think so. Help prove us right.