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Innovate Legal Online: How to Build and Maintain a Positive Online Reputation


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Learn how to manage your online presence and reputation.

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Innovate Legal Online: How to Build and Maintain a Positive Online Reputation

  1. 1. A Clio Virtual Meetup Innovate Legal: July Meetup Series How to Build and Maintain a Positive Online Reputation
  2. 2. Agenda • Meet the Panel • Audience Polls • What is online reputation & how to get reviews • Why reviews are important & what to do with them • Helpful resources from Clio
  3. 3. Panel Emma Raimi-Zlatic Affinity Programs Manager, Clio Mitch Jackson Senior Partner, Jackson & Wilson Chris Latshaw Legal Specialist, Birdeye
  4. 4. Clio’s offerings Clio Manage Legal practice management software Our most popular product—the industry’s leading solution to help manage clients, organize cases, and automate tedious tasks and month-end billing. Clio Grow Client intake and legal CRM software Standardize the client intake process with online intake forms, email automation, and e-signatures to build strong relationships, and get powerful data insights to grow your firm. The Clio Suite Legal practice management, client intake and CRM software. Get unmatched performance with Clio Suite, the industry’s only end-to-end software solution for your firms. Visit to learn more.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Poll - Clio Customers Only Would you like to learn more about: (select all that apply) a. Adding Clio Payments b. Adding Clio Grow (client intake) c. Clio Cloud Conference - gone virtual! d. No I’m not interested
  7. 7. Poll - New to Clio Only Would you like to learn more about Clio? (select all that apply) a. I would like a demo of Clio b. Clio Cloud Conference - gone virtual! c. No I’m not interested
  8. 8. Poll: What online reputation challenges are you currently facing? (select all that apply) a. Getting started on my online brand & reputation b. Limited number testimonials and feedback from clients c. Dealing with negative reviews d. Knowing what to do with testimonial once I have it e. Other (Type your answer in the chat)
  9. 9. What is an online reputation?
  10. 10. ● 83% of prospective clients consult online reviews as the first step to find a lawyer ● 42% want to see reviews that are 30 days old or less ● Reviews are the 3rd highest ranking factor for Google (behind GMB content and backlinks) ● A Harvard Business school study showed that a 1-star increase in overall star rating leads to a 5-9% increase in overall revenue. Respond to your reviews - it increases revenue and gets noticed by Google. Here are things to consider ✓ Setting up your online presence & reputation ✓ Claim your GMB profile and build out ALL available options (pics, category, hours, etc) ✓ Claim profiles on sites like Avvo,, Yelp, etc. ✓ Share your reviews on social media and your website (check your bar rules)
  11. 11. Get more reviews The most effective way you can get reviews is by sending texts and emails with direct links to Google and other review sites. The better your timing, the better the results you’re going to see. Send review requests via text and email after milestones in your case
  12. 12. Thank you. Chris Latshaw BirdEye 972-301-8434
  13. 13. Poll: Would you like to learn more about BirdEye? (select all that apply) a. Yes, I would like to learn more about BirdEye b. No, I am not interested at this time
  14. 14. Mitch Jackson Why reviews are important and what to do with them
  15. 15. • First things first: Provide exemplary service. • Add massive value to build your personal brand. • Strike (make the ask) while the iron is hot. • Don’t be the best kept secret in town- share and repurpose your reviews!
  16. 16. Want more? “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media” On Amazon The “LegalMinds Mastermind” Web: Streaming.Lawyer and on social @MitchJackson
  17. 17. Helpful Resources from Clio
  18. 18. CLE Eligible Webinar: Mindfulness and the Practice of Law Workshop With Risha Grant: Get Rid of the BS - How Bias Synapse is Holding Back Your Law Firm Legal Podcast: The Daily Matters Podcast, Hosted by Jack Newton Resource Center: How to Work Remotely as a Lawyer Quick Start Onboarding: Clio Grow & Manage Sessions Webinars, blogs, podcasts and more!
  19. 19. Emma Raimi-Zlatic - Contact Info @EmmaRaimiZlatic 888-858-2546